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Growlr App Review September 2020

Growlr is a social networking app designed for the gay community around the world. It's a free and fun app for gay bears to socialise, meet new friends, and even get dates. A bear is a masculine gay man that belongs to a broad gay community. Developed by Initech LLC in 2010, Growlr has welcomed a predominantly large population of gay bears from all walks of life with the perfect environment to meet other gay bears. 

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Signing up

Growlr Registration
  • Registration is free
  • Takes only 1-2 minutes to register
  • Basic info only needed to sign up
  • Profile photos don't have to be pre-approved after uploading
  • No log-in via Facebook or Instagram

Signing up with Growlr is free and will only take 1-2 minutes. Basic information will be required upon registration including name, e-mail address, password. Other information can be filled out later that would indicate personal information about yourself for other members to view. After registration is successful, you will be asked to upload a public picture which can be viewed by other members. There are 5 slots for you to upload your private pictures and videos which can only be viewed by you unless you unlock them for other members.

Profile Information

Growlr Members
  • Profile and pictures can be viewed for free
  • Profile information of other members may not be informative
  • Fake profiles can be created
  • Completing your profile is optional
  • Members are only in their firstnames or nicknames

Creating a profile on Growlr is free and easy. You only need to manually fill out the sections that best describe you. However, this is all optional so profiles is not concise and clear. Fake profiles can also be created, as the app is not strict and does not conduct tests or background checks on every member. There are also safety guidelines provided in the app for online safety. However, should there be any complaints, you can just send them an e-mail to their customer support at support@growlrapp.com.

Contacting Members

Growlr Message
  • Chat feature is free
  • Member search is free
  • Members can be searched using basic info like who's online and nearby
  • See and talk with members via video-chat
  • Create and view posts on your "Feed" section

Growlr lets you contact other bears easily. You can chat, search for members based on their location and online status, view galleries, check out and comment on user's blogs and see who has viewed you. These are features on the app that are free. You can also extend your profile reach or advertise your business by using their SHOUT feature which you will pay for a minimal fee. 


Growlr App
  • Growlr app is free to download on your Apple or Android smartphone
  • The design is simple and easy to use
  • The function of the app is also understandable
  • Available on Google Play and Apple App Store
  • App's design is a bit outdated

Growlr app is only available on smartphones. However, the app's design and functionality is user-friendly and simple while it is modern. It is also clear enough to know where you need to navigate whether you are using an Apple phone or Android phone. All purchases are made through the respective stores. 

Special Features

Growlr keeps your dating game more fun and exciting with the following special features.

Growlr Shout


You get to find bears based on three different sections, "online", nearby" and "favourites". The "online" section shows you a list of people who are recently active. The "nearby" sections show you a list of users who are closest to your current location. There's also a "global" section if you wish to see other members in a different location. The "favourites" section shows the users you have marked as your favourites sorted by distance. 


This feature lets you see a list of venues closest to where you are, and will then show a list of Growlr members near your area as well. You just need to tap on the venue to show you the venue details which will then show you a list of users who are in that area. 


This section has two parts which is the "events" and "birthdays". For the events part will display a list of upcoming bear events. In the birthdays part, you get to see your favourites profile with their birthday listed down. 


This section shows you a list of bars that are frequented by bears. The venue closest to you is shown at the top of the list. 


This section shows you a list of meet requests that you will receive from other bear members. This also shows you a list of meet requests that you sent out to the person you marked as favourite or are attracted to. 


This section shows you a blank space to save personal notes or memos. You can add, edit, delete notes here and the most recent note will be seen at the top of the list. 

Real Life Review

"Using Growlr has been an overall good experience. When it comes to meeting other men like me, the app sure delivers! There are some really great bears like myself who share the same interests and there are also cool features for you to easily meet up with them. However, the technicality of the app still needs improvement because the app often crashes even when I've updated it. Also, there are issues with the message feature. I've often experienced losing most of my messages and if I didn't connect with someone outside the app, it's difficult to recall your last dialogue." - Male journalist (27)

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Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Growlr Pro
1 Month78.00 HKD / Month78.00 HKD
3 Months62.67 HKD / Month188.00 HKD
6 Months74.67 HKD / Month448.00 HKD
Free Services
  • Profile Creation
  • Chatting with other members
  • Member and profile search
  • Viewing members' profiles
Fee based Services
  • Unlock private photos
  • Video chatting
  • Saved searches
  • Ad-free browsing
Payment Options
  • Via Mobile Phone


Growlr brings a whole new perspective when it comes to men meeting men and hooking up with other bears. This is because it helps you do just that in a fun and engaging environment. There's so much you can do when you're a free member, but a lot more when you avail of their paid features. The only downside with this app is that it crashes frequently on your phone and your messages can be erased completely. It also cannot be downloaded on older versions of smartphones. The app is simple and it's also easy to use. However, statistics show that most bears would prefer casual dates or hook-ups than real and serious relationships. If you're into that type, you can check out our other Dating Apps.

Growlr FAQ


What is Growlr?

Growlr is a social networking app designed for gay bears to meet other bears. It was operated in 2010 at their headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, and has gained 10 million members since then.

What do you mean by bears?

Bears are masculine gay men that belong to an inclusive community of gay people. 

How does Growlr work?

It is an app that can be downloaded on your smartphone for free. You just need to register in the app, which is also free. You will only be required basic information like name, e-mail, password and location for the signing up to be successful.


How many pictures can I upload on Growlr?

You can upload one public picture for other members to view and 5 extra slots for private photos and videos.

Is there an age limit to join Growlr?

There is no maximum age limit. However, only individuals 18 years old and above can sign up to Growlr. 

How do I search for other bears?

The search section are divided to 3 parts namely online, nearby or favourites. Online would show a list of bears who are active. Nearby would show bears who are online and near your current position. Favourites would show bears that you have marked as favourites or that you are attracted to. There's also a section in the app called "Events" where you can find upcoming bear events. There's also a "Checkins" section where you can find nearest locations where a lot of bears are usually gathering.  

How do I send messages to other bears?

If a bear is currently online, you can click on their profile for free viewing and click on a chat button. The chat feature is also free. 

How many bears can I mark as favourite?

The maximum number of bears you can tag as your favourite is 75. 

Free services

Are there free features on Growlr?

Yes. You can view members' profiles and photos. You can also send them a chat directly and search and mark your favourite bears. You can also send a meet request to other bears. 


What features do I need to pay for?

Growlr has extended features that you need to pay for like upgrading to PRO membership with their respective fees per month, the SHOUT feature where you can advertise or say hello to other bears within a 5 mile radius, and FLASH feature where your profile gets boosted quickly.

What do I get when I purchase a PRO membership?

When you purchase their PRO membership, you get ad-free browsing, get access to live video calls and unlock private photos and views, save searches and even anonymous viewing.

How do I pay for the PRO membership?

Your purchase be charged directly to your iTunes or Google Play account. You can also change the settings manually to stop auto-renewal. 


Is Growlr safe to use?

Growlr is relatively safe and easy to use. However, since background checks are not conducted on every member of the app, precautions should be taken when connecting with other members and meeting them in public places. Should you have any complaints about other members, you can send them an e-mail at support@growlapp.com.

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