Best Transgender Dating Sites 2024 in Hong Kong

Members 1,000
Gender proportion

25 %
75 %
10 %
  • A special adult dating platform for transvestites (TV), transsexuals (TS), transgenders (TG), and all members of the third sex
  • Welcomes straight men and women; couples (gay, lesbian, or straight); and groups as well
  • Has so many special features you can enjoy; other paid features may be bought individually
  • Gold membership is expensive but it seems to be worth the purchase
  • Messaging feature is limited for Standard members
  • No mobile app, but has a mobile version

Members 1,000,000
Gender proportion

80 %
20 %
  • Many transgenders looking for casual hookups and flings
  • A lot of exciting and interactive features for members
  • Thousands of online and active daily users
  • Hundreds of sexy, playful, and seductive photos available
  • No mobile app available
  • Reported fake accounts

Members 25,000
Gender proportion

43 %
57 %
  • A dating site for lady boy singles and those who are looking to meet a lady boy partner
  • The dating community is active
  • You can choose to date lady boys even if you are a woman
  • Customer service support is reliable
  • Most ladyboys are from Southeast Asian countries, but anyone is allowed to join

Love is an emotion available to all, regardless of shape, colour, or gender. But it introduces a joyful puzzle—where should one begin their search? This is an important consideration for those pursuing transgender dating.

Are you…

  • A transgender person in search of someone who will understand and wholly accept you?
  • Someone desiring to romance transgender matches?
  • A transgender person looking for a safe online platform to freely express your support?
  • Someone who’s wanting to experiment and explore your sexuality?
  • A transgender person in need of support and empowerment from fellow transfolk or potential lovers on dating sites?

Hollered yes to any of the questions above?

We are here for you. Whether you’re transgender or someone looking for romance with a transgender, we’ll help you. Together, let’s learn the ropes of transgender dating through online platforms.

Where to Look for Transgender Matches

It’s been so long since your last steamy date, and you’re wondering what’s happening. Did the unexpected happened? Have you possibly run out of suitable partners?

Trans Man

If not in search of love, you may be dying to meet other trans people.

Sure, your friends are great, but knowing another soul who understands your experiences is refreshing and motivating.

Like any other person, trans men and women are in search of love and intimacy, too. Unlike any other, though, the search may be tougher for transfolk. But is it? Or will it help if you widen your scope?

The latter does wonders.

Signing up for dating apps is one reliable way to search far and wide, even without leaving the comfort of your cosy bed.

Since these platforms boast a large user base, finding trans dates or acquaintances is no longer a high hurdle. All you have to do is to tweak your preferences.

But what happens if the preferences don’t allow for much freedom? Of course, there’s another way out: signing up for dating sites that cater to the transfolk.

Transgender dating sites allow you to immediately meet fellow trans people or those who are looking to date a trans person. 

Whether for long-term relationships, casual dates, or hookups transgender dating sites are good ways to widen the pool. 

Who’s on Transgender Dating Sites

Its user base is the most distinguishable feature of transgender dating sites: the majority are trans. If you are also trans, signing up to one makes you instantly at home as these are the people who transitioned and gone through the same cycle as you.

In terms of age, users are mostly 25 and up; some south of 40 years are active in trans dating sites as well. The reach of these platforms is quite big: they have members from North America (mostly the US and Canada), Europe (Great Britain and Schengen areas), Australia, New Zealand, and Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines to name a few). 

As for gender orientation, the majority of the users are either trans men or women. Still, most transgender dating sites aim to be a safe place of the Rainbow Community as a whole; thus, it is not uncommon to find gays, lesbians, intersex, or genderfluid members. Even those who are merely trying to strike up a friendship with transfolk are welcome, too.

Some adult transgender sites even let couples in it for the fun. TSDates, for instance, lets transfolk try out the swinger lifestyle with straight or LGBT couples. 

Challenges of Online Dating for Transgenders

Every transgender person would know that their search for hookups or committed relationships online comes with several challenges:

  • The right timing

Trans people often face a dilemma: when should they tell they're trans? Some trans opt to include their gender orientation in their bios to avoid awkward confrontations and false accusations.

  • Unsolicited remarks

Transfolk are often at the receiving end of unwanted comments and hate messages. This negativity is why they mostly prefer sites that only let matched members message each other. Consent is a big deal to the transgender.

  • No in-betweens

Even within a small community, trans people are still a minority. Their rather small populace is what makes them a hit or miss on online dating sites. Trans report they're either extremely fetishised or rejected; their earnest search for a connection is subjected to extreme opposites on mainstream dating sites.

Joining mainstream dating sites may yield successful matches, but the way may not be smooth and paved. 

If you're looking to find connections sans the negativity, dating sites that cater mainly to trans people may be worth your time. 

How Do Transgender Dating Sites Work

Transgender dating sites may be an avenue to find the love of your life, fun dates, or some quality hookups. Regardless, registering to one is usually free, so is customising your profile and looking around the site. That way, you get to navigate and feel if the trans dating site is for you. 

These dating platforms also let you define your gender identity; some even let you indicate the gender identity of your preference. That way, you are matched with someone who fits your basic requirements to a tee.

Like any other dating site, you may be required to upload a photo. This photo is usually for verification purposes to make sure you’re not a bot or a scammer.

Trans Woman

Choose well-lit photos that best highlight your features. If you’re joining an adult trans dating site, go ahead and upload some raunchy shots. 

The possibility of finding committed relationships is not far off in trans dating services. Several sites are designed to encourage trans members to bond on a deeper level.

If casual relationships are what you seek, trans dating sites got you covered. Sites like has several functions to aid you to find a partner you can ask out for coffee and other casual activities.

Dating sites for trans people looking for some steamy encounters are also available. Sites even include live shows and adult movies to satiate the carnal cravings of their members.

Hate speech and bullying are huge problems for trans people. They are not only subject to this negativity on social media; they may also face the same problem on some dating sites.

This is probably why transgender dating sites make sure members have the upper hand when it comes to bullies and harassers. Aside from blocking users, you can also report their actions so administrators can investigate and decide the appropriate measures. That way, these good-for-nothing trolls can't victimise other members. Plus, members are backed by their fellow trans making the dating site a safer community where no one is the odd man out.

More than networking trans members, dating sites also aim to become safe spaces where trans people can converge and share their transition and dating experiences.

Advantages of Trans Dating Sites

Trans Man Portrait

Opting to register on trans dating sites may prove beneficial in the long run. For starters, signing up for one means you open your bubble to interact with other trans people and even some members of the LGBT+ community. They are your kind of people: you share the same hardships and experiences when it comes to life and love.

Also, joining in trans dating sites widens your pool of potential lovers. Let’s face it; how often do you meet other trans? Other than your friends, the chances of getting together with a new face is lower if you don’t have a little techy help. 

Say you’ve found a potential match, but you didn’t hit it off? That’s fine. Trans dating sites may not be a surefire way to find love, but with it, you gain new acquaintances and happier times.

Even better, joining transgender dating sites means you're opening up your world to fellow trans of all ages and ethnicities. As these platforms include features like forums, blogs, chatrooms, sharing your experiences while transitioning, motivating each other amid the negativity, exploring your sexuality, and creating a genuine community are some of the things you can also do on transgender dating sites. 

How to Succeed on Transgender Dating Sites

Navigating the online dating world doesn’t have to be hard for trans people. These tips, for instance, may help you enjoy a successful and stress-free experience. Happy matching!

1. Decide the timing

Of course, this will still depend on you, but most trans people find it easier to date around when their gender and sexual orientation are out in the open earlier. If you’re okay with this, you may opt to include this tidbit on your bio. This way, you fend off all members who’s orientation and preferences don’t match with yours.

2. Be vocal with your wants

Speaking off earlier, you may also want to decide what exactly are you looking for in trans dating sites. If its hookups, casual dates, or long term deals, you connect with suitable people if you have a definite idea of your wants.

3. Choose photos that make you feel good

They say confidence and happiness emanate in a picture—so choose one that makes you feel good. Take care to add multiple shots of you alone; add one or two group photos if you want, but the focus should be on you only.

4. Ask them out on a date

In keeping with being vocal, you should also be brave enough to make the first move. If you feel you’re ready for some one-on-one, then say the magic words, “Do you want to go out?” It’s not that hard; who knows you’re flirting with someone worthwhile.

5. Always be safe

And of course, the most important of it all is too keep safe. Keep your personal information to yourself and practice safe sex at all times. Enjoy all the fun and games of online dating when you keep your security and health 100% safe.

Premium Memberships on Transgender Dating sites—Are they worth it?

Most transgender dating sites allow you to sign up and create a profile for free. That way, you get to fully explore the site and decide if you’re going to jump ship. 

Once you do decide that the site is for you, do you pay for premium membership? If you’re seriously trying to make a connection via these platforms, then paying for it is a good move.

A premium subscription usually covers 1,3,6 or 12 months. With it, you get full access to the trans dating site’s functionalities, and you even get the first look for any new features.

Paying also ensures you’re at the top of your online dating game—you become a popular member. You also appear right on top of the search results so members are sure to check you out first.

Other trans dating sites also offer additional functions you can pay for separately. Usually, you pay this through Credits, which acts as the currency within the dating site. 

Trans Couple

Are you ready to match with single trans?

Is meeting and dating a transfolk something you should try? Let’s see how prepared you are. Take the quiz and find out!


The beauty of dating in the 21st century is that most people of all genders, preferences, and status get to do so. Transgender dating sites, for one, help bridge the distance between potential lovers and friends, which makes it worth trying.

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Does dating a transgender make you gay?

Dating a transgender does not make you gay as they have transitioned into their desired gender. You are the only one who could state your sexual orientation and identity and doing something should not be an excuse to stereotype.

How to know if your dating a transgender?

Most of the time, transgenders who have not yet fully transitioned will have physical traces of their old gender, but you can only ask to know for sure. However, as this can be a sensitive topic for some people, make sure that you ask nicely.

Is there a transgender dating app?

There are several transgender dating apps available that offer a variety of features despite sharing the same niche. You can choose among the sites featured in the Transgender Dating category.

What is it like dating a transgender woman?

Dating a transgender woman is fun and colorful. It will mostly depend on the personality of your special one, but they are generally know how to have fun.

What is the best transgender dating app?

There are several great transgender dating apps but you can start with Transgender Dating if you are new to these platforms. These sites were proven efficient after testing the costs and features.

Is dating a transgender gay?

Only you can tell what your sexual orientation is. If you choose to date a transgender woman and you feel like you are a straight man, then no one should make you doubt yourself.

Where can I meet transwomen?

You can meet transwomen on several dating sites and apps such in this niche. They are also more different in terms of features despite being on the same Transgender category.

Is there an app to meet transgenders?

Yes, there are several offerings under this platform. You can choose based on your needs and budget to maximize the site or app's efficiency.

How to date a transgender woman?

You can date them as a normal woman. First that you need to do is find a compatible date, offline or through online dating platforms.

Should I date a transgender?

If you are attracted to a transgender person, then there shouldn't be anything that should stop you from pursuing what you want. Check out Transgender Dating category to find the right one for you.

Who do transgender females date?

Transgender females generally date men, but it is still up to them who to date as there are no boundaries to love. These sites are fun and quirky with several unique features.

How to find a transgender to date?

You can start your search by joining a suitable app or site. You can check Transgender Dating category for more options.

Who dates transgender woman?

Generally, men who are interested in transgender dating create relationships with them, but anyone is open to date them as long as there is a mutual connection. Dating sites in this niche have several features for people with different preferences.

Why date a transgender?

Transgender men and women are kind, beautiful, and fun people. You will be exposed to a whole new horizon if you decide to open up your heart to them.

How do transgenders date?

Transgenders date like any other relationship, there is not much difference. Dating sites in this niche have unique features that make it more fun for transgenders but it works like any other platform.