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Hitwe is an online dating site that is available in 6 different languages namely English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and French. It was launched in December 2015 and has been reported to have more than 200 million registered global users ever since. It is highly popular among males and females under the age of 40 as a blend of a social networking app and dating site to meet new people, share photos, and socialise. What makes Hitwe popular and unique among other dating sites is its feature to send a message without even waiting for a successful match. It has a convenient chat function that lets users chat with other users almost immediately. Hitwe can be accessed through its website on a desktop computer, and its app is available to download for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Hitwe Members

550,000 from Hong Kong
Members activity
600 daily logins
Gender Proportion
50 %
50 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Users range from 18-40 years old
  • Users are young and hip, looking to meet new people

Majority of Hitwe members come from Russia, Brazil, and Ukraine. Most are male and female under the age of 35. Some are looking for a casual hook-up, but most are seeking friendship. Members who are online are quick to respond to messages sent to them. Sad to say though that similar to other dating sites, Hitwe also has its share of fake profiles. Some members use a pseudonym instead of their real names, and their profiles usually do not feature any details. Hitwe claims that such profiles can be reported to their support team, but we are doubtful that they will take action on it.


Hitwe Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

How to Sign Up for Hitwe

Hitwe Registration
  • Users can sign up using their email, Facebook, or Google+ account
  • 2-3 minutes registration process
  • Upload up to 20 photos on profile

To become a member of Hitwe, the registration process is fairly quick and simple. You just need to enter basic information such as your name, account email, nominated password, gender, age, and answer a captcha. After a successful signup, Hitwe brings you to your profile dashboard where you can choose and upload your desired profile picture. There are also several fields of personal details you could fill out, and a section where you can add what you are interested in. There are no personality quizzes that can tailor your match suggestions. But making your profile as detailed as possible allows you to reveal your personality and could help attract the right people.

Making Contact on Hitwe

Hitwe Mobile Menu Contacting
  • Nearby search function in mobile app displays users who are approximate to your location
  • Roullete-type matching
  • Newsfeed tab where recently uploaded photos of online users are displayed
  • All members can send messages for free
  • There is a chatroom

Unlike most dating sites where you can only initiate contact after you match with another user, in Hitwe you can message any user you come across with on the website. By simply clicking any of the other user’s photo, the site automatically brings you to your inbox where a chat window with that user becomes available. When you visit a user profile, there is also a featured box called 'Fast Message' in which your chosen question from the drop-down menu gets instantly delivered to that user's inbox. All user interactions whether made on the newsfeed or discovery page, are referred to a private chat box to help initiate a conversation.

When you receive a message, you get notified either via Email or browser notifications. You could also send messages through Hitwe’s mobile app, in which you receive phone notifications for every interaction you get. You may choose to turn off notifications, both on the website and app if you wish to. If a particular member is being offensive or is sending you spam messages, you could opt to add them to your blacklist. This shall block them from further sending you any messages. The instant chat messaging feature in the website and the mobile app makes contacting in Hitwe very convenient and easily accessible.

Hitwe Profile Quality

Hitwe Profile
  • Users can see other members’ profiles and photos even without a premium subscription
  • Users can earn a blue verified icon for their profiles
  • Profiles feature a considerable amount of information
  • Photo gallery can hold up to 20 photos for free users
  • The profiles are quite detailed
  • The profile information can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free
  • Profile picture and personal information can be added later

User profiles on Hitwe are relatively informative considering members can add additional information about their habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs, and diet. Members can also input their professional details like their profession and the industry they work in, as well as their educational attainment. Personal details such as their religion, sexual orientation, relationship status, and if the user lives alone in a flat or has any children, pets, and a car can also be indicated in their profiles. These details help showcase a user's character. Unfortunately, not all members completely fill out their profiles. But you could send a request to the user that he or she completes his or her profile.

Hitwe App

Hitwe Mobile Special Feature
  • Free to download in App Store and Google Play
  • Phone notifications for every interaction
  • One-click chat button on Sympathy tab
  • Too many pop-up ads

Hitwe’s mobile app has every feature found on its website counterpart. An additional feature is the Pet Evolution game, which serves as a great motivation to interact, upload new photos, just overall be active on the dating app. The mobile app also features a message button right on the match profile suggestions–which the website do not have. This would immediately take you to a private chat room with that user. When you click on the user’s photo on the app, you would be able to see the user’s photo gallery. Wherein clicking a photo on the website would bring you to a personal chat box instead. Overall, the mobile app seems to bring more convenience when messaging and viewing user profiles. The only inconvenience is–ads pop-up every after 5-10 likes or 20-30 seconds, which brings total annoyance.

Hitwe Costs and Prices

Free Features
  • Instant chat messaging with other users
  • Upload 20 photos on profile
  • Know your likers and visitors except for the recent 5
  • Pet Evolution Game in mobile app
Premium Features
  • Disable Ads
  • Be a Top user and appear on the Top Users sidebar in nearby users' inboxes
  • Messages shall always appear on top of other users inbox
  • A ‘read’ indicator if your messages have been seen
  • See all profile visitors and likers instantly
  • Unlimited likes

Is Hitwe expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Hitwe is average.

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Premium Membership
Prices are available in USD.
1 Month7.99 USD / Month7.99 USD
3 Months5.99 USD / Month17.97 USD
12 Months3.94 USD / Month47.28 USD
Hitwe Hong Kong Prices
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Via Mobile Phone
Payment discretion
  • Premium memberships are auto-renewed every due billing cycle and can be canceled anytime. Unfortunately, refunds are subject to approval but you can cancel your subscription without incurring penalties within 3 days. Payments are not allowed to be anonymous.

Hitwe offers three types of subscriptions. 1-month membership costs 7.99 USUSD, 3-months membership costs 17.97 USUSD, and a 12-month subscription costs 47.28 USUSD. If you’re seeking for a longtime membership, you get a pretty good deal when you sign up for the 12 months subscription.

However, even without a subscription, you could still enjoy all the features of the site with limitations that have a very minimal effect with regards to giving you a full experience. The only advantage of having a subscription is the deactivation of ads that can be quite a bother, especially on the mobile app.

Special Features

Even without a premium membership subscription, you can still get to enjoy Hitwe’s special features with some minimal limitations. These limitations do not really affect the website and app functionality in terms of meeting and interacting with other users.

See who visited your profile

A ‘Visitors’ tab both on the website and mobile app enables you to see all the users who checked out your profile. After 30 days, your profile visitors shall be removed from the list. For premium users, you get to see all your profile visitors. For free members, you are restricted to open the profiles of your 5 most recent profile visitors.

See who liked your profile

The ‘Likes’ tab lists all users who sent you a like in the last 30 days. Same with the ‘Visitors’ tab, they get deleted after 30 days, and the profiles of your 5 most recent likers are only accessible if you are a premium member.

Profile Interaction Counter

Both the website and mobile app shows a counter on your profile of the total number of visitors you had since you joined Hitwe. Beside your total visitor count, are the total number of likes you received from other users, and the total number of likes you sent.

Pet Evolution

The Pet Evolution game is an exclusive feature of Hitwe’s mobile app. Your chosen pet begins at Level 1, and in order to evolve and reach the higher levels, you have to complete the listed daily and special quests. Quests encourage users to be active on the mobile app. Completing them gives you XP points to level up, and hearts you could use in the shop to buy accessories for your pet.

Our rating

Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
Making Contact: 4.5 / 5
Profile Quality: 3.5 / 5
App: 3.0 / 5

Editor's Conclusion

DatingsScout.hk Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
Overall, the experience you get from using Hitwe lives up to its promise that you get to meet new people through social discovery, as it is a fusion of a social networking app and a dating site. Its newsfeed feature where recently uploaded photos of online users are displayed, reinforce its social networking aspect. While its roulette-type match suggestions feature presents its dating site equivalent. Hitwe makes it very quick and easy to initiate a conversation and meet new friends. Almost every interaction you do on the website and app leads you to a private chat box with the user you engaged with. This is particularly great if you are looking to make new friends or just tamed flirting as a lot of users in Hitwe seem to look for the same thing. Therefore, if you are looking for the exact opposite–maybe you are looking for something more casual and want to go out on a hot date, we suggest you check out the apps on our Casual Dating category and find yourself a more suiting site.

Hitwe FAQ


How do I join Hitwe?

Visit Hitwe’s website and click the registration tab beside the login tab.

How do I create a Hitwe account?

Once you click the registration tab from Hitwe’s homepage, just put the required details, answer the verification captcha, and click create account.

Can I temporarily deactivate my Hitwe profile?

No, you cannot temporarily deactivate your account, but you can permanently delete it.

How do I permanently delete my Hitwe account?

Go to the delete profile tab on your dashboard and click the remove button. You shall be asked to tick the checkboxes before you hit continue. Remember that once you have deleted your account, you cannot retrieve it back.

Can I use Facebook to register with Hitwe?

Yes, you could do this by simply clicking the Facebook icon in the registration page, which would prompt a pop-up window.

I lost my Hitwe password, how can I retrieve my account?

Just click the Forgot Password text on the login page. Clicking this would take you to a separate window where you need to input your Hitwe’s registered email. Instructions on how to reset your password are sent to your email.

Does Hitwe offer premium membership?

Yes, premium membership ranges from 19.99 GBP to 9.85 GBP per month.


How does Hitwe work?

Once you have successfully signed up for a Hitwe account, you can start liking other users and sending them messages.

How do I chat on Hitwe?

There are two ways to chat on Hitwe. First, you could click on a person’s photo in the discovery tab. Second, you could reply to messages on your inbox.

How do I change my profile picture?

You can upload several photos on your profile including your desired profile picture. Once the upload is done, hover on the photo you want to feature on your profile and click on the small blue button that would appear on the upper right hand of the photo.

Where can I download Hitwe’s mobile app?

You can download Hitwe’s mobile app from the App Store and Google Play Store.


Is Hitwe a legitimate dating site?

Hitwe claims that they are a legitimate dating app and website company.

What security features does Hitwe offer?

Hitwe is GDPR compliant. All private information are kept confidential other than the information you compiled to share with other users.

Can I block Hitwe from sending me messages and emails?

Yes. To unsubscribe, you could click the settings tab from your dashboard and uncheck the “Notify me by e-mail” tick box. You could also click the unsubscribe button present in every marketing email.


Will I be able to get actual dates using Hitwe?

Well, that depends on how well you do in messaging your Hitwe connections.

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