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FlirtyMature believes that it is never too late to join in the fun of online dating so it provides the flirty seniors with a space to find each other. The site is operated by the British Virgin Islands-based company Together Networks Holdings Limited that designs and maintains dating sites of different niches such as EbonyFlirt and QuickFlirt.

The site keeps a simple design with basic functionalities so it can create a welcoming experience to people across age ranges. It also has a combination of free and premium features that will allow new users to have a good feel of the site first and later help them decide whether they want to push through with the platform.

But what's creating the buzz for FlirtyMature is its 3-day premium package that not many dating sites in its category offer. With this, members can unlock all the features for three days without shelling out the whole amount for a month's membership.

FlirtyMature may have a good reputation on the surface, but we took the liberty to check whether it is really a viable site for flirty seniors like you. Is signing up for FlirtyMature worth it, or is it only going to waste your time like countless spam sites you've encountered? Read on to find out.

FlirtyMature Member Structure

1,500 from Hong Kong
Members activity
1,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
30 %
70 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Majority of the members are senior men
  • Reportedly, there are some fake profiles
  • Most members come for straight relationships
  • A few lesbian and gay members exist

As expected, senior members dominate the site population. It is a viable place to find a partner for the senior ladies because there are more gentlemen on the site.

Most of the members come from the United States, but it has an international orientation so its membership base is still spread across continents. You will find a lot of members hailing from English-speaking countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Most of the members have joined FlirtyMature to look for straight relationships, although there are still a few LGBTQ members present on the site.

Overall, FlirtyMature's membership structure is one that is culturally-diverse while staying true to its goal that is to bring flirty seniors together in one interactive community.


FlirtyMature Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at FlirtyMature

flirtymature signup
  • Registration is done in a matter of minutes
  • Create an account as a straight man or woman
  • People who seek a same-sex relationship can still join
  • You can skip most of the registration questionnaire
  • Email verification is required

Creating an account with FlirtyMature is fast and easy with its single-step procedure.

You only need to fill out their form with your basic personal details such as gender, age, email address, desired password, and location.

You have the option to specify your location but as a default, FlirtyMature will take it from your device.

You can create an account as a straight man or woman, but people who are interested in same-sex relationships are welcome to join. FlirtyMature also has no strict age requirement; you can create an account as long as you are at least 18 years old.

Before you can finally use the site's features, you need to verify the email address you used in creating the account first. To do this, open your email address and look for the activation email sent by FlirtMature. The activation link and four-digit code are provided in the email.

Making Contact on FlirtyMature

flirtymature contacting
  • There is a chat function
  • Private messaging is a premium feature
  • Message up to five people per day for free
  • Sending likes and adding people to your favourites list is free

To get in touch with the members of the site, you may use the chat and private messaging functions.

The only difference between the two is that the chat function pops up on the right corner of the site whichever page you are on, while private messaging is accessed through the mail icon of every profile. Nevertheless, every conversation you had no matter which function you used will be recorded inside your inbox.

Unlimited messaging is a premium feature, but FlirtyMature gives you 5 free chats per day. The only rule is that you need to spend the free chats on different people.

Further free contacting features include the sending of likes and adding a person to your favourites list. There is also the "Like Gallery" where you will randomly receive profile pictures. Hit the heart icon if you think the person on the photo is cute, or skip it to see the next picture.

However, these features can only get you as far as sending feelers; you will really need to get that premium if you are after the flirty conversations that the site is promising you to have.

Aside from these basic features, FlirtyMature does not have much to offer in terms of free communication. On the upside, it offers a 3-day membership package so you can try out for a few dollars the premium features and decide whether it is really worth it.

FlirtyMature Profile Quality

flirtymature profile
  • There are some fake profiles but are easily detected
  • Viewing profiles is available for free
  • Browsing photo albums is a premium feature
  • Main photos are visible for free
  • The profiles are poorly detailed

    Profile pages have enough sections to get comprehensive information out of a member, but most members leave these sections unanswered.

    To compensate for this, FlirtyMatures allows everyone to ask a member to add information on every section. There is a button that says "Ask to Add" on every blank section. Click on these buttons if you want a member to fill it out on their profile.

    Profile pages are truly a missed opportunity for FlirtyMature to bring their members together even more. It could be a gateway for members to help them get past the getting-to-know-you stage easier. But since the site's orientation is one that aims for the short-term relationships, this does not make much difference in the dating experience of members.

    FlirtyMature App

    flirtymature mobile
    • There is no app yet
    • Access mobile version through your phone browser
    • Access mobile version for free
    • Features are similar on desktop and mobile version
    • You can create an account using the mobile version

    FlirtyMature doesn't have a mobile app at the moment, but all of its features are available through a mobile version of the site. You can open it using any phone through a mobile browser. Just go to FlirtyMature like you would using a desktop and the site automatically translates into the mobile version.

    FlirtyMature Real Life Review

    Dating is tricky for older people like me. I can't just be friendly to someone I like, and most of the time people think I am just being nice when I really like them. Dating sites such as FlirtyMatures gave me a place to be free in expressing my feelings. I can be flirty now without being judged too much. I have grandchildren so I need to be extra careful about doing it in real life. But here, I can just be free. I hope many people join this site. - Larry, 58, Sailor

    Design and Usability

    FlirtyMature's interface looks exactly the same as its sister sites EbonyFlirt and QuickFlirt, almost mirror-like. The functions and layout are similar in every way, but with a different set of members and community.

    Even so, FlirtyMature has a clean design and is user-friendly like its sister sites from Together Networks.

    All of the functions work well as expected and it has a 24/7 customer support for site-related concerns.

    FlirtyMature Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Create an account
    • View profiles
    • Browse the Like Gallery
    Fee-Based Services
    • Send unlimited messages
    • Browse photo albums
    • Share photos and videos in chat

    Is FlirtyMature expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers FlirtyMature is average.

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    Full Member
    1 Month189.00 HKD / Month189.00 HKD
    3 Months119.00 HKD / Month357.00 HKD
    6 Months89.00 HKD / Month534.00 HKD
    FlirtyMature Price HK
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card
    Payment discretion
    • Your payment will be shown on your card statement as

    As a full member, you will be able to do the following functions:

    • Unlock the "Looking for" info
    • Unlock the extended search filters
    • Premium 24/7 support
    • Share photos and videos in chat
    • Send unlimited chats
    • View main photos in its full size

    You can get the 3-day premium membership package for 27 HKD.

    Special Features

    FlirtyMature has the following features to help you get your flirty dating game on:

    Like Gallery

    Vote whether a member is cute or not based on their main photo. This feature is available for everyone for free.


    Send a preset message to multiple people who match your search parameters, at once. You need at least one picture on your profile to use this feature.

    Satisfaction Policy

    Get a free three-day trial to test out the site first. You need to email the site support to request for a trial.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 4.5 / 5
    Making Contact: 4.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.5 / 5
    App: 2.0 / 5
    Real Life Review: 4.5 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of Online Dating for Dummies
    FlirtyMature sets itself apart from its counterparts by offering premium features that work while giving its audience an opportunity to test it out for an affordable price. You just won't simply find this deal with the majority of senior dating sites out in the market today. It also stays true to its promise of providing the seniors a safe dating site with features that will help them to achieve their heart's desires. For these reasons, we find FlirtyMature worthy of your time. Sign up now!

    FlirtyMature FAQ


    Is FlirtyMature legit?

    FlirtyMature is a dating site that has memberships in different countries. It has features that cater to senior dating needs across the globe.

    Who owns FlirtyMature?

    It is is operated by Together Networks Holdings Limited, a company based in the British Virgin Islands.

    Is FlirtyMature free?

    A free membership will you a wide range of searching and browsing options, but it also has premium packages to let you unlock more features.

    Can I change my FlirtyMature membership plan if I have already subscribed?

    A membership plan cannot be changed until it expires.


    What are Flirtcasts?

    Flirtcast is a FlirtyMature feature that will let you send messages to multiple people at once. You will need at least one picture on your account to be able to send one.

    How do I send a Flirtcast on FlirtyMature?

    To send a Flirtcast, go to the "Search" page and choose one of the pre-written lines. Once you have chosen your desired line, press "Send" and it will be broadcasted to your matches.

    How do I like other FlirtyMature members?

    To like another member, all you need to do is press the "Like" button on the member’s profile in search results or on the member’s full profile page.

    How do I delete a photo on FlirtyMature?

    To delete a photo, press your profile picture on the upper-right corner of any site page and choose "My Profile" from the drop-down menu. Go to the "My Photos" page in the upper-left corner of your profile page. Hover your mouse to the photo you’d like to delete and press the cross icon to complete the action.

    How do I know if my message has been read on FlirtyMature?

    A double green checkmark in the chat window indicates that your message has been read. 


    Is FlirtyMature free?

    A free membership will you a wide range of searching and browsing options, but it also has premium packages to let you unlock more features.

    What happens after I cancel my FlirtyMature subscription?

    Once your subscription has been cancelled, no more money will be taken from your account. You will remain a paid member until your membership expires.

    Is FlirtyMature free for women?

    All females can join the site for free. Free Membership gives you basic access to the site. But you will need to get the premium features if you want them as the males on the site would.

    Can I change my FlirtyMature membership plan if I have already subscribed?

    A membership plan cannot be changed until it expires.

    How long will it take before I am charged and my premium FlirtyMature account is activated?

    The account will be activated immediately after the payment goes through.

    What are the payment methods that FlirtyMature accepts?

    Most types of credit and debit cards are accepted by the site.


    How many times can I subscribe to a 3-day trial membership on FlirtyMature?

    You can only subscribe to a three-day trial membership once.


    How many messages can I send on FlirtyMature?

    With Full Membership, you can send an unlimited number of messages to an unlimited number of users daily, you can send up to 5 messages a day to different users, and no more than 1 message to each user.

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