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Chatiw is a chat interface that offers free communication to everyone using the site. It is available both on desktop and mobile, but it seems like the latter is more functional than the former. It is available in almost all countries, and it's most popular in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The site markets itself as the chat service and platform that leads you to your soulmate. It promises to help you build any kind of relationship with other single men and women who are looking for the same. There are no restrictions as to who you can chat. You may even communicate with someone even if he or she is on the other side of the globe.

The chat site might look all fun and handy, but does it deliver all of its expectations? We took a closer look at Chatiw for you! Know all about its price and features in this review.

New members at Chatiw in May 2022 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Chatiw are developing compared to others

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Chatiw Member Structure

70,000 from Hong Kong
Members activity
20,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
25 %
75 %
  • Most members are from the United States
  • There are some members from the West but not too significant
  • More male than female members
  • Younger members dominate the site
  • There are gays, but straight singles dominate the site

Most of the people who uses Chatiw are from the United States. However, there are a few members from Western countries who enters the chat site such as Serbia, Belgium, France, Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Norway, Canada, Russia, and Germany.

In terms of age and gender, Chatiw has mostly younger members from the age group 18 to 24. There are more males than females who are mostly straight singles although people who are looking for same-sex relationship may join. Overall, the site has a pretty diverse membership that is without gender or age restrictions aside from being a legal-aged person.


Chatiw Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at Chatiw

Chatiw Registration
  • No registration required for the free version of the site
  • General information about you is needed
  • Chat site authenticates your existence via a captcha code
  • Provides a text box of reminders once you're inside the site
  • Nickname or username should be appropriate
  • Use GPS to allow the system to have access to your location

Chatiw doesn't have a registration process if you want access to the free site. This means that no email address or password is needed. All you have to do is give them general information about yourself. These include your nickname, age, sex, country, and state. You may also click on the "Use GPS" system to allow the site to have access to your location. This gives you more chances of chatting with members that are within your vicinity.

Making Contact on Chatiw

Chatiw Message
  • There is a chat function
  • Sending links or personal contact details is not allowed
  • Chatting is free, but limited number of messages allowed per day
  • Unlimited messaging is available for premium members only
  • You can send pictures to other members

Although Chatiw is for free, there are some limitations. For instance, you may only send a limited number of messages per day. You may also not send links or numbers. You shall only enjoy these features once you become a VIP member. 

You need to be careful, though. Based on our test, there are many chatters who are quite revealing and dominant. They are very clear in indicating what they're looking for, especially at the moment. Some would send you inappropriate pictures. In such a case, you may either just ignore the message or report the person by blocking him or her.

Chatiw Profile Quality

Chatiw Profile View
  • Profile pages lack detail
  • Most profile pages don't have pictures
  • Location and age will be visible
  • You may control your profile visibility settings
  • Email verification is not required to create a profile

    We aren't sure if you can call it a profile, but your information (username, age, gender, location) is visible to anyone who is online. After some hours of inactivity, the site automatically logs you out and deletes all the information you have entered. 

    There is no verification process as they won't be asking for any email or password from you. Hence, we aren't entirely sure how they verify and check scammers, frauds, and decoys. It seems like the only way you can ensure your safety and security is by blocking the person. Once blocked, the site will ban such a person for 48 hours. 

    Chatiw App

    Chatiw App
    • Only available on Google Play
    • Free to download
    • Functions the same way as the full website
    • Easy to use and navigate
    • Functional, convenient, and appropriate

    Truth is, the mobile application is more convenient than the full website. Since they function the same way, using the app lets you chat with others without opening your computer. You can enjoy its features while out, resting, or doing other activities. 

    However, the app is only available on Google Play. People who are into Apple products do not have the chance to enjoy its features. There are reports saying that the platform is now investing in affiliating with iTunes. There isn't any official statement, though, from Chatiw yet.

    Chatiw Real Life Review

    "I've been using Chatiw for some years now. I start conversations with other people especially when I'm bored or waiting for something. It just kind of serves as entertainment during my free time. I got to admit too that it sometimes becomes an outlet when I and my girlfriend are having fights. You know, those lonely nights when you just need someone for a quick sexy time. But if you're looking for a serious conversation, oh, boy, you're in the wrong place."

    - Louie, 31


    I like the free chat but there are some conversations that I wish I could prolong but can't because of the limits. I hope they will give more free chats because I am active on the site. -

    -Genevieve, 23, University Student

    Chatiw Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Joining chat rooms and sending personal chats
    • Searching for other members/users of the site
    • Editing and completing your profile
    • Sending pictures and emojis to other users
    • Profile creation
    • Block certain user
    • Check Chat History
    Fee-Based Services
    • Receive priority and support in all types of services
    • Send links and numbers to other chatters
      Bot captchas are for security purposes.
    • Send unlimited private messages
    • Free yourself from repeated bot captchas
    • Enjoy ad-free pages
    • Reserve a nickname
      This would be your permanent nickname whenever you use the site.
    • VIP Badge and Ban Priority

    Is Chatiw expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers Chatiw is low-priced.

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    1 Month4.95 USD / Month4.95 USD
    6 Months4.33 USD / Month25.95 USD
    12 Months4.16 USD / Month49.95 USD
    Chatiw Price
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card

    Chatiw is basically a free chat service. You don't need to pay to enjoy its features. However, they are also offering a VIP subscription to maximize your experience. Such subscription allows you to be the priority in terms of customer help, advisories, and other services. 

    To become a VIP, you need to register to their VIP membership. When you're a VIP, you won't need to re-enter information each and every time you would want to use the site. You just need to log in and the site automatically loads. You also need not go through their bot captchas, which is a mandatory security measure for them. As a paying member, the site trusts that you are a legit and must-be valued customer.

    Chatiw also offers a lifetime membership for only USD99.95.

    Special Features

    Chatiw is just basically a site that lets you chat with strangers all over the globe. It doesn't have any extra special features. However, you can find the following on their home and main pages:


    You can find the link to their blog articles and posts at the bottom of the homepage, before entering the main chat page. Their blogs are mostly about guidelines and tips on dating, relationships, and online chatting.

    Safety Tips

    This is a separate link that gives you tips on online chatting. The site aims to help you secure and safeguard yourself by avoiding online scammers and frauds.

    Chat History

    This may be found on the top portion of the main chat page, beside your inbox. It is a list of the conversations you have had with other members while you were online. It doesn't record the previous chats you had on a different day or hour.

    Other Links

    You might also notice the links all over the main chat page. These links take you to different sites that offer chat rooms and live shows. They are the affiliates of Chatiw.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 2.5 / 5
    App: 3.0 / 5
    Real Life Review: 3.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Chatiw might be a good place for those who are looking for quick online conversations, those who want to kill time while waiting, or simply those who want to have fun with someone while resting. Just like any other chat site, it gives you the pleasure and privilege to meet strangers from all walks of life.However, if you're looking for a serious and real relationship, then this chat site is not the best place to start with. There may be others who are looking for dates, true love, and even marriage, but most of the users are just actually looking for fun and some excitement. There is no certainty that each stranger you meet has the same taste and preferences as you. You wouldn't really know as there are no profiles to check and evaluate in the first place.Hence, as an alternative, you might want to check Casual Dating or Matchmaking sites. We think that platforms under these niches are more trustworthy as they are safer. Moreover, they have advanced security measures that help you get rid of scammers, frauds, and decoys.

    Chatiw FAQ


    What is Chatiw?

    Chatiw is a chat site that lets users connect with other chatters all over the globe. You can either enjoy it for free or opt to pay the VIP membership. The VIP membership allows you to save your nickname and be a priority.

    How does Chatiw work?

    The chat site has a custom-built chat interface that allows users to communicate with other people. It only offers private chat rooms where two people can talk. There are no group chats or live shows, but there are links that take you to different chat sites that offer such features.

    Is Chatiw safe and legit?

    Chatiw is legit and supposedly safe. However, there are some reports indicating that there are scammers and frauds roaming around the site. Likewise, many articles that are talking about chatrooms, in general, suggest that the user should be very careful and meticulous when chatting with strangers.

    Is Chatiw an anonymous chat-service?

    Yes, you have the chance to chat with other users anonymously. There are no display pictures and you may use any username as long as it hasn't been used by anyone else yet.

    Is Chatiw free?

    Yes, the chat platform is basically for free. You are allowed to connect with other online chatters without paying for anything. However, if you want to have the privilege of being prioritized, you may opt to subscribe to their VIP membership.

    Does Chatiw have a registration process?

    Technically, there is no registration process as no profile is created once you fill in the needed information. Such information is automatically deleted after hours of inactivity. On your next use, you'll have to enter the information again.

    Is Chatiw monitored?

    According to the site's privacy policy and terms of use, Chatiw is monitored. Anyone with a malicious act, a suspicious name, or has been reported or blocked by any member shall be banned for 48 hours.

    How do I contact Chatiw?

    For questions and comments, you can send an email to or use the contact form on their website.

    Functionality and Usability

    How do I remove my Chatiw chat ban?

    When you get banned, you won't be able to use the site for 48 hours. You need to wait until such time to get unbanned. If your chat ban, however, was by mistake, you may contact their customer support and ask for help.

    How do I delete my Chatiw account?

    You don't need to delete your account. All the information you have given before entering the site are automatically deleted after a few hours of inactivity.

    Where can I download the Chatiw mobile application?

    The mobile app is only available on Google Play for Android smartphones.

    How do I block someone on Chatiw?

    To block or report someone, click the "Block" button located beside the name of the user. Follow then the instructions that will pop up to report the user.

    Why isn't Chatiw working?

    There are times when the site is down and not functional. According to the moderators, they are trying their best to improve this. To always get updated about their website status, you may check their Facebook page.

    Can I share a link in Chatiw?

    No, you may not share links for security reasons. However, if you are a VIP member, then the site gives you the privilege to send any link.

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