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Are you at a time in your life when plain sex doesn't do it for you anymore? If you're eager to explore BDSM, fetish sex, and beyond, finding a partner who's up for it can be difficult. Is a good place to look? Discover's cost in Hong Kong in this article.

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In comparison to other providers is in the upper midfield.
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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Silver Membership
1 Month156.54 HKD / Month156.54 HKD
3 Months94.08 HKD / Month282.24 HKD
12 Months65.37 HKD / Month784.43 HKD
Gold Membership
1 Month235.01 HKD / Month235.01 HKD
3 Months156.85 HKD / Month470.56 HKD
12 Months98.06 HKD / Month1,176.76 HKD’s not the first site to venture into risque sexcapades. When compared to its competitors, the deals and services offered at belong to the upper midfield of the price range.

The monthly subscription at is categorised into two: the Gold and Silver membership. Both types can cover 1, 3, or 12 months, whichever works best for you. Silver membership, the slightly cheaper option of the two, grants you access to contacting features, boosts, and 24/7 phone support. As for Gold members, you get to enjoy all that and more as you are the VVIP at

Altcom Membership

Since most of’s features are premium, it was not surprising that most of the members we encountered either had a Gold or Silver badge to their name. But why should you follow suit? Out of all the adult sites in the online world, why should you spend your money, time, and effort here? Is the cost of worth it?

Does it make sense to go premium?

What makes registering and upgrading reasonable? What awaits members—non-paying, Silver, or Gold—at 

Free Deals

For the most part, may be a paid service, but registration isn’t one of the features you’ll have to pay for upfront. You can sign-up and even go as far as creating and customising your profile free-of-charge.

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But that’s not the fun part: with your free account, you can explore the variety of adult content, even produce your NSFW content, and mingle with your fellow members. Chat rooms, Instant Messaging, and the Live Member Webcams are open for all—you can see how wild and kinky it gets for yourself.

Free Features
  • Registration
  • Uploading a photo
  • Joining chat rooms
  • Flirt
  • Send Flowers
  • Add to Hotlist
  • Add as friend
  • Hot or Not
  • Search
  • Kink search
  • Live member webcams
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Premium Features
  • View and contact members
  • Be on top of the search list
  • Be the first to contact new members
  • Access members' live and recorded video intros
  • Access to blogs, groups, and magazine features
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Access to ICQ, AIM, and MSN ID's of members in your network (Gold Members)
  • Read and send messages
  • Send virtual gifts
  • Pay-per-minute adult movies

The reason why opened some of its functionalities to standard accounts is that the site wants you to have a taste of what you will be paying for. You can stay a free member for as long as you deem necessary, granted you don’t access paid features or violate the site’s terms and conditions. will only charge your account once you decided and confirmed you’ll join the crowds and be a paying user.

Famous and Diverse

Given the nature of the website, you may think services a few members. But, here’s a surprise: it’s one of the biggest adult sites there is. has millions of global members who are also active daily users.

And sheer volume isn’t what you are going to get; you’ll also have a variety of nationalities to have fun with.

Dominatrix is active in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, and Denmark. However, it’s not just because of nationality; what makes diverse is the larger-than-life personalities you’re bound to meet here. caters to the sexually adventurous who want to challenge their limits more. It welcomes singles, couples, groups of all ages, attachments, and orientation. Everything and anything you fantasize—as long as it is consensual—can be considered and done with the members you’re chatting with at

Flexible Add-ons

At, you’re not limited to the features your chosen subscription entails. There’s a variety of things you can purchase and do at this adult dating site: Points
  • Points

Points are like the currency at and is a perfect alternative if you’re not staying for quite some time on-site. Simply put, if you’re curious about how the function works, you can opt to purchase points instead of signing up for a month-long or so just to use the particular feature.

  • Standard Contacts

Are you eyeing a member but it seems like they are still on a standard account? With Standard Contacts, you can grant a user of your choice access to your profile and inbox. They can view you and interact with you and hopefully make plans with you. Standard Search
  • Search Highlight

Availing the Search Highlight add-on will boost your profile’s popularity. You get to top the search rankings and appear as one of the most popular members at

  • BDSM Films

If you’d rather watch than interact with a member for the day, you can stream BDSM films at The site is home to an extensive collection of such films; if you purchase the add-on, you can sit back, enjoy, and watch a movie for as long as you’d like. BDSM Films

There’s quite a lot of functions, but the good news is that lets you mix and match add-ons and subscriptions. After all, your convenience and satisfaction are of utmost priority at this adult site.


No matter which angle you look at it, online platforms are efficient ways to gather willing hookups, steamy dates, and casual whatnots. If you’re into something more extreme, is there to introduce you to members who can help realise your fantasies. Are you up for it? You can sign-up at for free.

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