How much does XMatch cost?

Is it true you’re going to find casual dates faster on online hookup platforms? If so, how much will it cost you? How much does XMatch cost? When laid out side-by-side with similar sites, the costs of XMatch offerings are at an average price point.

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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Gold Membership
1 Month234.48 HKD / Month234.48 HKD
3 Months156.19 HKD / Month468.57 HKD
12 Months117.04 HKD / Month1,404.53 HKD
Standard Membership
1 Month156.19 HKD / Month156.19 HKD
3 Months93.56 HKD / Month280.67 HKD
12 Months70.07 HKD / Month840.84 HKD
100 Coins0.94 HKD / Coin93.95 HKD
185 Coins0.85 HKD / Coin156.58 HKD
500 Coins0.78 HKD / Coin391.45 HKD
1,000 Coins0.78 HKD / Coin775.07 HKD

The package deals for XMatch premium members is called Gold Membership, and it covers 1, 3, 12 months. Upon checking, a considerable number of XMatch members availed the paid membership. The reason behind this shift from non-paying to paying members maybe because being a Gold member at XMatch entails a lot more access to the various functions and perks.

XMatch Gold HK

But is that all? Even if becoming a Gold Member at XMatch assures you that the functions and features are at your disposal, why should you upgrade? In fact, why should you choose to spend time and effort at XMatch?

What are the perks if you’re an XMatch Member?

Let’s unravel the perks awaiting you if you do become a member, non-paying or Gold, at XMatch:

Free Functions

For those of you who are worried that XMatch will require payment upfront, here’s the good news—registration is free and easy. XMatch may not offer the option to join via linking your social media accounts but rest assured that it won’t ask you anything about your billing information upon signing up.

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As an XMatch free member, you get more than what you bargained for as you can explore, get-to-know, and mingle with other members. For starters, you can customise your profile to get suggested that match your preferences. Although you may not browse profiles for free, you can make up for it through posting and actively participating in the blogs and the multiple adult chatrooms of XMatch. 

Free Services
  • Participate in special features
  • Add users to your Hotlist
  • Send winks
  • Broadcast your own show
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Fee-Based Services
  • Use of contacting features
  • View full profiles of other members
  • Watch member broadcasts
  • Watch live shows of live models

Also, if a paying member took a liking to you, they may message you first and grant you access to their profile. Therefore, you can event interact one-on-one, if you’re lucky, at XMatch.

Even better, all these free perks do not have a time limit. You can be a free member for as long as you deem necessary. XMatch will only charge your accounts once you confirmed your purchase of any of its flexible deals.

Flexible Cost of XMatch

Speaking of flexible deals, the Gold Membership isn’t the only paid offering at XMatch. The thing is, XMatch carries a lot of functionalities that other users may deem unnecessary. So, to probably appease everyone, XMatch presented the other features at a separate fee. Other deals you may want to look upon at XMatch are the Points and Standard Contacts.

XMatch Add-on HK
  • Points

Some of the features at XMatch, like the interaction with live cam models, are not included in your Gold Membership. Instead, you need to purchase Points which acts as the currency at XMatch. Top up your points in 200, 500, or 1000 increments—totally up to you.

  • Standard Contacts

Remember when we said that free members might be granted the ability to interact with paying ones? Yes, they can, if the Gold member purchased a Standard Contact.

You may purchase any of these add-ons on top of your Gold Membership. Or, you may opt to forego the Gold Membership and be on your merry way with just the add-on. This flexibility is beneficial as it gives members the option to go big or go home at XMatch.

Quality Adult Content

If we’re talking about the quality of adult content, XMatch delivers. The website is geared to feature and bring you to NSFW content wherever tab and shortcut you may go. This is especially true for the Gold members—they have access to additional R-18 features.

As mentioned, XMatch hosts a blog and multiple adult chatrooms where all members—free and paid—can exchange steamy innuendos and pictures. XMatch also encourages members to post erotic stories (real or fictional, up to you). The moderators also curate sexual information, tips, and photos and publish these on the XMatch Magazine, which can be viewed by all.


Apart from written content, XMatch is known for its sexually-charged members. These members aren’t shy to showcase their bodies, flirtiness, and technique. The newsfeed alone is filled with raunchy photo updates or snippets of videos from a member’s live broadcast.

Speaking of broadcasts, free users can broadcast their sexual antics or watch a stream one at a time at XMatch. Premium members, meanwhile, can enjoy as many shows as they can handle.

XMatch is also home to professional live cam models. Streaming a show is for free, but if you want to interact with one, you’ll have to pay the corresponding price in points.


If it’s casual encounters you seek, signing up at online hookup and casual dating sites may be beneficial to you. And if you want more features than the usual matching and chatting with other members, give XMatch a try. How? Sign up now—it’s free.

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