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It can be difficult to find your soulmate in the LGBTQ+ community with all the options available. TSDates pledges to support you in your search! But, how much does it cost to join this service, and is it a good value for your money? Discover TSDates' cost in Hong Kong here.

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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Send Flirt
1 Credit9.00 USD / Credit9.00 USD
View Profile
1 Month29.00 USD / Month29.00 USD
200 Credits0.12 USD / Credit23.54 USD
500 Credits0.09 USD / Credit47.09 USD
1,000 Credits0.08 USD / Credit78.48 USD
Search Highlights
1 Month79.00 USD / Month79.00 USD
3 Months70.24 USD / Month210.72 USD
Adult Movies
1 Month149.00 USD / Month149.00 USD
3 Months109.00 USD / Month327.00 USD
Private Chatroom
1 Month79.00 USD / Month79.00 USD
3 Months59.00 USD / Month177.00 USD
6 Months49.00 USD / Month294.00 USD
12 Months39.00 USD / Month468.00 USD
Gold Membership
1 Month239.00 USD / Month239.00 USD
3 Months159.33 USD / Month478.00 USD
12 Months119.08 USD / Month1,429.00 USD
Standard Contact
Additional optional payment on top of your Gold Membership that allows standard users to contact you.
1 Month159.00 USD / Month159.00 USD
3 Months99.00 USD / Month297.00 USD
12 Months70.25 USD / Month843.00 USD

Whether you are a transvestite, a transsexual, a transgender—as long as you belong in the LGBTQ+ spectrum—TSDates' doors are open for you and are welcome to join TSDates. Its selection of premium features and services aims to bring together members of the third sex who hail from different parts of the world together so they can mingle and hopefully find a compatible partner. There is already a long list of candidates under the LGBTQ+ online dating platform which makes the competition quite stiff. This is why checking out important aspects of TSDates is essential in making sure that you are choosing the best platform for you. If you are not yet sure whether buying the TSDates premium is worth it or not, then you are in for a treat as we have fleshed out the TSDates cost for you!

TSDates Premium: LGBT Dating made more Colourful

TSDates' premium features and services eases up members' search for their like-minded partner and have fun while they are at it. It has a general nature but gravitates towards the sexy side of dating. The gay community can find hookups, sex meetups, or a simply sweet date on the site. To make the best dating experience, they aim for the following:

  • Providing a platform where the LGBTQ+ community can have fun and find each other for purposes of dating and other adult activities
  • A functionality where members can control which place they will receive dates from
  • Keep a secure environment for the members of the third sex that is free from discrimination
  • Gathering a diverse, quality pool of singles as it operates in several countries worldwide
  • Making LGBTQ+ dating dreams come true through its tailor-fit and unique services for the niche

What do you get as a Free Member?

Like several other online dating platforms, TSDates allows you to create an account as a free member first that you can later upgrade to premium if you want. This free account will have enough functionality so you can explore the site's features helping you decide whether getting the TSDates premium is worth it or not.

As a free member, you will be able to do the following:

  • Access to Member Activity Feed
  • Watch live member cams (one at a time)
  • Chat with real girls inside live model chatrooms
  • Comment, like, and vote on the web's sexiest contests
  • Fill your Hotlist with sexy members (up to 200 members)
  • Stay connected on your Instant Messenger
  • Turn on your webcam and start going live
  • Post sexy pictures and videos
  • Read and write on blogs and group threads
  • Access to the Magazine page
  • Show your artistic side by using Bling

What do you get as a Premium Member?

On the other hand, the TSDates premium membership will give you an all-access pass to all its paid features and services including the basic functionalities.

As a premium TSDates member, you will be able to do the following:

  • Get advanced filter options to narrow down your matches
  • View other users' complete profiles
  • Initiate, read, and reply to private messages
  • View full-sized photos and full-length videos
  • Watch live member cams (unlimited and simultaneous)
  • View your favourite photos and videos
  • Send flirts and friend requests to other users
  • Enjoy up to a maximum of 1,000 members in your Hotlist
  • Be able to like photos and videos without limit
  • Receive priority customer service at all times
  • Access to Sex Academy

Final Words: Go Big or Go Home

Simply put, a great LGBTQ+ online dating platform will let you do a lot of things as a free member, without skimping on the functionalities it offers on the premium side.

This characteristic will allow you to have fun during your stay in the site without pressuring you to immediately get that premium.

TSDates's premium, with its good reputation, may be worth giving a try. Are you ready to find your like-minded to share sexy times with? Signup at TSDates now! Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
Chris founded Datingscout 15 years ago, and today he is one of the leading Online Dating Experts. He is the author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies" and the author of the Internet's largest online dating study analyzing 20 Million Profile Pictures with artificial intelligence. Chris Pleines holds a master degree in media science and appeared in numerous television interviews and publications to give expert advice as well as tips about online dating.

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