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SwapFinder is an adult site that allows you to find couples and singles who are looking for hot, casual encounters. It claims to have around 40 million members all over the world, allowing people to connect with anyone anywhere they go. 

The site functions somewhat like a social networking site for swingers and people who are up for various sexual kinks. Here, you can share your stories through different platforms like videos, photos, blogs, etc. It is also possible to communicate with your viewers through the comment section.

SwapFinder is 99Flavors and AdultFriendFinder's sister site, so it may have some similarities with their function and layout. You can also see members from these sites in SwapFinder since they share membership across platforms. 

How far will you be able to fulfil your sexual desires through SwapFinder? Read our full review below to know more about the site's members, features, and more.

SwapFinder Member Structure

100,000 from Hong Kong
Members activity
2,500 active weekly
Gender Proportion
30 %
70 %
  • Has over 40,000,000 members worldwide
  • Members are sexually active and diverse
  • There is a considerable amount of members from all countries
  • People are looking for casual fun and excitement
  • Thousands of active members every day

SwapFinder focuses on giving people a medium to release and post raw adult content; thus, it attracts mature couples and individuals who are up to try new sexual kinks. 

The site accepts people from different sexual orientations and preferences, as long as they are 18 years old and above. Most of the members are male within the age range of 45 and up.

Although times are changing and women are more empowered than ever, there is still a silent looming judgment for women who explore and go after their sexual desires publicly. This is probably the reason why for dating sites like SwapFinder, there are still more men than women.

SwapFinder also welcomes couples, which makes up the majority of its users. This platform could work well with swingers. From the members' profiles, you can visibly see what each is looking for; most of them indicate that they are interested in couples or groups.

When it comes to user activity, now and then you will find new posts on your feed, which is a good sign. This only means that site users are active and interactive. 

To get noticed, just interact with the members by leaving comments. It's free!


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at SwapFinder

registration form of swapfinder
  • The registration process is quite simple and fast
  • Requires minimal personal information
  • You can only register via your email address
  • Members use usernames instead of personal names
  • Claims to have members from all over the world

Signing up on SwapFinder does not consume a lot of time. A good five minutes is enough to fill out the fields you have to answer. 

During the registration process, you are to provide details about your gender, location, sexual preferences, and other basic information about yourself. You also have to give a unique username, which serves as your identity.

You have to make sure you're using a valid email address since the site will ask you to verify your SwapFinder account through it. Without the verification of your email, you will not be able to set up your experience the functions of the site.

Anyone who wants to have an account can seem to easily breeze through the process. Filling out your profile information and uploading photos are not required, although these steps will help you attract more members and increase your credibility.

Making Contact on SwapFinder

SwapFinder Contacting
  • Liking other people's photos and previewing videos are free
  • Watching full-length videos and viewing full-sized photos are for premium users
  • There are chatrooms available

If you are the type of person who is looking for a variety in interacting with other people, SwapFinder might be the site for you. The site offers different ways to express yourself and communicate with other members. 

Do take note that a lot of these features are only available for premium users. Instant messaging, for example, is only available if you are on Gold membership.

Standard members can see a short preview of the messages they receive, but they can’t reply to nor start a conversation with anyone from the site. 

Furthermore, premium members can join different photo contests that may help them boost their profile and meet more people on the site.

If you are a standard member, there is no need to worry. You can still enjoy features that will allow you to interact with other people. 

You can create blogs and stories that you can publicly post; people can like and comment on your post, and you can write your replies in the comment section. 

Other free features you can enjoy are:

  • Adding people to your Hotlist - this is the same as adding users to your Favourites list. Putting members in your hotlist allows you to easily go back and visit the profiles of those who you think are hot.
  • Sending winks - this feature enables you to send a notification to the member you sent a wink to. This can help you catch their attention.
  • Joining chatrooms - there are public chatrooms you can join in on the site. You can meet other members in these chatrooms.

The site also has groups anyone can join. These groups are focused on different topics and specifications. 

You can enter as many groups you want and find friends there. Each group has a different forum type section where you can post your concerns, questions, or even just say a friendly “hi.” 

Making the most out of your SwapFinder experience

Even without a premium membership, you can still maximize your experience in SwapFinder. 

By simply filling out your profile and uploading enticing photos to your gallery, you can attract other members. When another member finds your profile irresistible, he or she can give you a Gold membership for free! 

Some members also have an add-on to their membership, which enables you to also interact with them. By amplifying your profile and interaction, you can smartly attract these kinds of members.

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SwapFinder Profile Quality

SwapFinder Profile
  • Members are vocal about their kinks and sexual preferences
  • You can choose to answer questions about yourself
  • Profiles can be changed and updated and anytime
  • Couples can have a shared profile

    Your Profile

    You are not required to fill out your profile nor upload a profile photo. Even without these, you can freely access the casual dating site. 

    However, if you want to match with people and have other members contact you, a comprehensive profile will attract more members to visit your page.

    Likewise, when you upload a photo to your gallery, this can show up to other members' newsfeeds, which can help instigate a conversation through the comments section. 

    This is a free mode of communication on the dating site, so it can help you if you're a standard member.

    It's not essential to upload explicit content to your profile, although this could increase your chances to find a partner that can fulfil your sexual fantasies. 

    As you already know, the site is meant for finding hookups and casual encounters, and flaunting your assets can help you more than it can hurt you.

    Viewing Profiles

    If you are just a standard user, you won't be able to see the full profiles of the members. What you can only view is partial information when you hover or click on a user you find interesting. You are also able to see if that user is a premium and/or a verified user.

    Once you hover on a profile photo, the preview will appear in a boxed window. The window includes a few thumbnails of that member's uploaded photos, username, age, location, and gender. 

    It is also indicated there what that person is looking for on the site: whether an encounter with men, women, couples or groups. A short preview of the user's about me paragraph is seen too.

    Aside from this information, contacting buttons such as Flirt, Hotlist, Add Friend, Message, Send IM, Tip, and Send Gifts are also available for quicker access.

    Most profiles on SwapFinder are filled with naughty photos. A lot of members use explicit content for their main profile picture. 

    Unfortunately, you cannot filter out members who use graphic images. When you sign up on the site, be prepared to see explicit photos.

    SwapFinder App

    SwapFinder Mobile
    • There is no mobile app available
    • Has a mobile adaptive site
    • Mobile version has the same functions as the desktop version
    • Using the desktop version is more efficient
    • You have to scroll side to side to see the full page

    SwapFinder does not have any mobile application as of the moment. Nonetheless, it has a mobile site that is compatible with almost any device. 

    The mobile version has all the features of the desktop version. Its small screen size adjusts the number of profiles you see per row. However, you still need to scroll side to side to see the full appearance of each page.

    Using the mobile version is recommended for users on the go as you can browse through the profiles and features anywhere you want. 

    Live videos can also be put into full screen and will adjust to your screen orientation. However, when you do this, you cannot see the interaction that is going on in the video. You simply just watch.

    Seemingly, using the desktop version is more efficient as it could be faster in finding a match. But, using the mobile adaptive site can be beneficial, too, especially when you're outside.

    SwapFinder Real Life Review

    "I have been looking for a place where I can be honest with what I want both sexually and romantically. I am a very kinky person and am open to group fun, that I could consider myself polyamorous. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way, so I looked for ways to find like-minded people who are also into what I want. I found SwapFinder and I knew I was at the right site. I have been a premium user for quite some time now, and I met a lot of "friends" on this site!" - FeetFetish,24

    Design and Usability

    The overall design and layout of SwapFinder are simple and organized. Since the site is related to AdultFriendFinder and 99Flavors, the look and feel of the site is quite similar. 

    It has an interface that is easy to navigate, with tabs that contain all the important features of the site. With white as the predominant colour, it is easy to locate and see the things that you want to do. 

    Just like famous networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, SwapFinder also has a newsfeed where you can find the latest updates from its members. The only difference is that, in SwapFinder, you can see posts from all its users, even those who you are not friends with yet.

    One downside of its design is how small the fonts are. You will have a hard time reading comments and statuses. 

    It also has too many links that lead to different pages. How these features were organized into every tab is good, but it can be quite overwhelming for first-timers, as well as users who are in the upper age range.

    SwapFinder Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Create Profile
    • Add people to hotlist
    • Comment on photos and videos
    • Use search filter
    • Read and create blogs
    • Join Chatrooms
    • Hot or Not
    • Test now for free
    Fee-Based Services
    • Use basic messaging
    • Instant Messages
    • Add people to their friends list
    • Send winks
    • View photos and videos
    • Join Contests
    • Access Sex Academy

    Is SwapFinder expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers SwapFinder is average.
    Test now for free

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    Gold Membership
    1 Month259.00 HKD / Month259.00 HKD
    3 Months172.11 HKD / Month516.33 HKD
    12 Months128.99 HKD / Month1,547.88 HKD
    200 Credits0.13 HKD / Credit25.88 HKD
    500 Credits0.10 HKD / Credit51.75 HKD
    800 Credits0.11 HKD / Credit86.25 HKD
    Standard Contacts
    1 Month179.01 HKD / Month179.01 HKD
    3 Months108.99 HKD / Month326.98 HKD
    cost of swapfinder hk
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card

    SwapFinder offers a premium membership called Gold Membership. You can avail of this in three different package durations: 1, 3, and 12 months. 

    Choosing the 12-months membership gives you more than 50% discount compared to choosing the 1-month package.

    What's good about getting a Gold Membership is that you get to access millions of full profiles, not just on SwapFinder, but also in AdultFriendFinder and 99Flavors. 

    Most contacting features are also restricted to premium members, so if you are looking to get something from the site, you can only do so by availing a premium membership.

    Premium membership can be expensive, however, it comes with great perks and access to important contacting features such as instant messaging. With instant chats and messages, you can quickly interact with another member and find out if he or she is game for an encounter.

    SwapFinder offers an add-on if you decide to avail of a Gold Membership. It's called "Standard Contacts." Even if you avail of premium membership, free members can't still contact you. 

    When you enhance your plan with "Standard Contacts," free members will get to see your full profile, message, and chat with you anytime. Plans are also available in three different packages of 1, 3, and 12 months.

    Another thing about SwapFinder membership is that you can send a subscription as a gift. If you want another user to interact with you, you can pay for his or her premium membership.

    Special Features

    Since SwapFinder functions as an adult social networking and dating site, it is no wonder that it contains more features than a normal dating site. 

    The following are the special features you might want to try from the site:

    Live Webcam

    Adult fun is not complete without the webcam chat. The site offers different live cams from its models, where you can watch them play with themselves or do things that can probably turn you on.

    Hot or Not

    This feature functions like the swipe features in mobile dating apps. Here you can judge whether a certain user is hot or not by tapping the '✓' or 'x' icon.

    Sex Academy

    This feature is only available for premium members. It contains tips and basic information about sex and how to have fun when trying out new things in bed.


    Blogs in SwapFinder are like online journals where users can share their personal stories and experiences. These are open to the public, so anyone can read and comment on anyone's blog.


    You can find and join different groups in SwapFinder. These groups contain people who talk about different themes and topics. 

    If you have a certain kink or interest, you can look for a group you can join and start looking for friends there.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 2.5 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
    App: 1.0 / 5
    Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion

    DatingsScout.hk Author Chris Pleines
    SwapFinder generally provides a platform that enables you to find a casual encounter, that is of course if you play your cards right. Its member base is large enough for you to find what you are looking for exactly. However, you can't do much with a standard membership. Though a little bit expensive, a premium membership is useful if you want to get something from the dating site. Try Swapfinder today. Who knows? The hot nights you dreamed of once might come true with just one click!
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    SwapFinder FAQ


    Who owns SwapFinder?

    SwapFinder is owned by Friend Finder Networks.

    How come I get redirected to AdultFriendFinder whenever I try to access SwapFinder?

    SwapFinder is AdultFriendFinder’s sister site. Sometimes, the two sites get mirrored. This means that when you try to log in to SwapFinder, you might get redirected to AdultFriendFinder, and vice versa.


    How do I join SwapFinder?

    Just simply go to SwapFinder’s home page and input the details asked on the signup sheet.

    Can I use the site even if I don’t avail of the SwapFinder premium membership?

    Yes, browsing through the site is free.

    Does SwapFinder offer free trials?

    No, SwapFinder does not have any free trial promos.

    Is SwapFinder Gold Membership auto-renewed?

    Yes. Unless cancelled, your Gold membership is auto-renewed for the same price and duration package.

    How do I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel your SwapFinder membership in your Account Settings.

    Can I get a refund for unused time?

    SwapFinder does not give out refunds under any circumstance.


    How does SwapFinder work?

    SwapFinder provides a platform where singles and couples can interact with other members and schedule sexual encounters.

    Why can’t I see full photos of other members?

    Only premium members can see full photos of other SwapFinder members.

    How do I message other users?

    Just simply click the green button ‘Send IM’ or click ‘Send Message’ to the other SwapFinder user.

    Does SwapFinder have an instant chat function?

    Yes, SwapFinder has a chat function.

    What are Tips?

    Tips are credits you can give to another SwapFinder user.

    What are SwapFinder Live Models?

    Live Models are professional models who host live webcam videos, which you can watch and participate in.

    How do I become a Top Fan?

    You can become a top fan by visiting another member’s profile and clicking on ‘Become Top Fan’ on his or her profile. You have to pay SwapFinder points if you want to become a Top Fan.

    How do I earn Points?

    SwapFinder lets you earn points when you do some things on their website. However, you can also buy points for a cheap price.


    What security features does SwapFinder offer?

    SwapFinder has a published Terms of Usage and Privacy Policies.

    I want to report a member, how do I that?

    You can report a SwapFinder member by going to their profile and clicking the ‘Report’ button.

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