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Once Review October 2019

Once is an online dating platform based in Switzerland that was launched in October 2015. Founded by Jean Meyer and his colleagues, it was introduced as the "slow dating app" that works by providing you only one single match per day. They call this "personalised matchmaking" as they believe that quality is a better way of finding your match versus quantity. 

Their personalised matchmaking does not involve a machine or a system that does the matching. They actually have a team of matchmakers that matches members based on the information on each profile. Likewise, proximity and the number of active members for the last 48 hours are big factors when they do the matching.

Once you have been selected for another member, you shall have 24 hours to enjoy the company of each other. You can send a one-time message to your match using a token they call "crowns" and if he or she replies, a chat screen will be provided where you can talk for as long as you want.

Sign Up Process

  • Signing up is fast, easy, and without cost
  • No personality test needed
  • You can upload as many pictures as you want
  • You get one match suggestion upon signing up
  • There is a verification process via a text message
Once Registration
Once Signup

Signing up for Once is pretty easy and fast. It actually just takes less than a minute for you to create an account. You need to either use your Facebook email or mobile number. The site shall have your Facebook name to use as your display name. Likewise, the names of other members are their Facebook names and not usernames. With regard to your other profile information, you can fill them in later or anytime you want to. There is also a text box where you can add some words to tell something about yourself.

Upon signing up, you will receive an automatic match. You can view his or her profile and check his or her photos, but you cannot send him or her your first message unless you buy crowns.

Since the site also protects the full anonymity of their members, you are not allowed to see other members' profiles. The only profiles you get to view are your matches'. If someone sends a chat request or you send one, you may not also see their photos unless you are a VIP subscriber.

Profile Information

Once Female Profile
  • Shows pictures of accounts that were banned or suspended
  • There are safety measures to get rid of fraudulent accounts
  • Other members fill in their profile information completely
  • Your account is automatically linked to Facebook
  • You can only see the profiles of your matches

Once you encounter other members' profiles, you will see that they are actually informative. Most members fill in the information completely. These info consists of their birthdays, height, ethnicity, religion, education, work, drinking and smoking preference, and others. It might be possible to get real dates because most users are looking for a serious relationship. 

Since the platform and the app offers no search options, it is quite impossible for you to search according to your mood or preferences. As mentioned earlier, they do personalised matchmaking which means that they are the ones who match you with others. They also have safety measures if in case an account is fraudulent or have done inappropriate acts. They investigate on that person's profile and ban or suspend it if necessary.

Contacting Members

  • You get one match daily and you have 24 hours to connect with each other
  • No search options available
  • Flirting or making contact with anyone is limited
  • Contacting other members is only possible if you have crowns or subscribed to their plan
  • You can only chat for free if your match for the day replies
  • Most of the members are women in their late 20s
Once Match
Once Chat

Contacting other members in this dating platform is quite restrictive. This is justified by the fact that they only do personalised matchmaking. There are no search options and you only get contact proposals daily, but this is also limited. You can send a one-time message to your match/es of the day to start connecting with them using your crowns. If they reply within 24 hours, then that is the only time you get to message each other for free. On the other hand, if your match/es do not reply, you will have to use another crown if you would like to send them another message.

In addition, if you happen to encounter a scammer or a fraudulent account, you have the option to either report it to their team via the contact form on their website or simply end the conversation with that person and he or she will not be able to bother you anymore.

Special Features

Once Quality Match

Matching Quality

This gives you the chance to rate the photos of other members. This feature helps the matchmakers pair you up with other members as they are able to determine your type and taste.

Once My Reviews

My Reviews

This is available on your profile information. You can ask your Facebook friends to write a review about you. This allows you to increase your chances of being matched perfectly and liked.

Match Preferences

This is a paid feature. You get to answer a few questions to help the matchmakers pair you perfectly to others according to your taste and preferences.


Once Mobile App
  • App and full site have similar and identical features
  • Design of the app is neat, simple, and appropriate
  • App is very functional and easy to navigate
  • Free to download but features are still paid
  • Available for both Apple products and Android smartphones

Technically speaking, Once has probably a better mobile app compared to other dating sites. It is pretty functional just like the full site. In fact, they both have similar features which make it easier for the user to use both without any hassle. Google Play and iTunes offer the downloading of the app without payment and they both brand it as "the only dating site that brings you quality members".

Both play stores also offer in-app purchases which prices are similarly equivalent to the dating site's original ones. 

Real Life Review

"If you are into looking for a serious relationship, Once is probably for you. If, on the other hand, you are just looking for casual dates and short-term relationships, you might want to try other dating apps. As for me, I have always been the happy-go-lucky guy. I always like looking for fun, excitement, and adventures. I love meeting other people, particularly women and hanging out with them. So I quite find Once a bit restrictive. It might be good if you are really serious about finding your perfect match. Their matchmakers actually do the job for you. But for guys like me who are always looking for fun and other stuff we want to try, it might be not a good option after all." - Sales Executive, 28

Personalised Recommendation

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Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCosts per monthTotal
Prices are in Euro (€)
1 Month19.99 EUR / Month19.99 EUR
3 Months15.00 EUR / Month44.99 EUR
6 Months10.00 EUR / Month59.99 EUR
Once Membership
Free Services
  • Match Quality
    You get to rate pictures of users using stars from 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. This feature allows the matchmakers to infer on what your type is depending on your ratings.
  • Profile Completion
    You can complete your profile anytime without paying.
  • My Reviews
    You can ask your friends on Facebook to write a review about you. Their reviews will be visible on your profile and your match for the day can see them.
Fee based Services
  • Crowns
    You need 1 crown for each:- Send a chat request on incognito mode- Accept and discover who sent a chat request to you- Pick your new match for tomorrow from a selection of profiles- Get another instant match; you can exceed one match daily- Grab someone's attention and send him or her a message -- you will also get notified once he or she reads it!- Expand your options by getting more matches to choose from- Answer match preferences so the matchmakers can match you with others perfectly
  • VIP Subscription
    - Set a maximum distance to widen your options- Get at least 2 more matches plus one premium match daily- See who passed or liked your profile- Receive unblurred chat requests (incognito mode off)- Discover who rated your profile with 4 or 5 stars
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

Once offers their paid features via crowns and a VIP subscription. Without these two, you only get to enjoy the app and the full site at a minimal level. The costs for both are a little expensive but they might be worth once you avail of them. To avail of the crowns, you just need to click the crown symbol on your computer or mobile phone.

Buy 5 Crown          €9.99
Buy 15 Crown        €19.98
Buy 30 Crown        €29.99
Buy 100 Crown      €79.98


Once indeed could have created a difference on the online dating world since its launch. Instead of having too many options, you get to take your time and everything slow and wait until the perfect one arrives. If you are into personalised matchmaking like what they do or you would like to try new things, then it would probably fit into your taste.

It could be the home for people who are looking for serious and real relationships but be wary of the fake profiles. Although your matches are being carefully selected by their team of matchmakers and they have safety measures against fake profiles, you need to be extra careful just like how you are in other dating sites. Once values your privacy as well as other members' but being a little more prudent would not actually hurt.

The website has a lot of major strengths, but it also has some minor few flaws. For instance, you will not be able to connect with anyone if you do not have crowns. You cannot access their other features if you are not a VIP. Members would probably find their perfect match but it would take time as they only get one match daily. Thus, if you cannot find your match because of Once's limitations, you might want to check our Dating Apps category to widen your options.



What is Once dating app?

Once is a dating site that is also available on Android and Apple phones as a mobile application. It is a specialised and a time-sensitive dating platform because you only get to be matched once on a daily basis.

Who is the founder of Once?

Founded by Jean Meyer and his colleagues back in October 2015, it has been their home ever since.

How does Once dating app work?

The site provides you one new match per day. You have 24 hours to grab that person's attention and connect with him or her. If you both like each other, you will be provided a chat screen where you can send messages to each other.

How do I sign-up for Once?

You can sign-up either by using your Facebook account or mobile number.

Does Once dating app have a website?

Yes. It has a full website, www.getonce.com, and it has the same features with the app.

What is the phone number to contact Once?

Unfortunately, they do not have a phone number to contact. You can, however, send them a message through their contact form on their website.

Does Once accept job applications?

Yes. You can visit their full website and check their job offers.


How can I download Once dating app?

You can visit Google Play if you have an Android phone and iTunes if you are using an Apple product. These stores offer the mobile version. Search for the application on your phone and download it without cost.

What is a chat request on Once?

A chat request allows you to send a request to another member so you can chat with each other or vice versa. However, you can only send and receive chat requests on incognito mode if you have enough crowns. If you want to remove the incognito mode, you must subscribe to their VIP subscription.

What is matching quality in Once?

It is a special feature that lets you rate other members via stars. It gives the matchmakers a chance to find your perfect match.

How do I send messages on Once?

You can only send and receive messages once you avail of either their crowns or VIP subscription plans.

Services and Cancellation

How to delete my Once account?

You can delete your account permanently by sending a message to their customer service. They will ask for your phone number, email, or Facebook email so they can find your profile and delete it for you.

Is Once dating app available on Android phones?

Yes. You can download it on the Google Play store.

How to get crowns on Once?

Just click the crown symbol on the full site or the app. You can choose how many crowns you would want to purchase.

Are there free crowns on Once?

You only get one crown upon signing-up. After that, you will need to buy them.

Costs and Payment

Is Once dating app expensive?

The prices for the crowns and VIP subscription are a bit expensive.

What are the prices for Once's VIP subscription?

The dating platform offers three kinds of subscription: 1 month (€19.99/month), 3 months (€15.00/month, and 6 months (€10.00/month).

How do I pay for Once's crowns or VIP subscription?

For the crowns, you can pay via credit cards, gift cards, or PayPal. For the VIP subscription, you can only pay via major credit cards.


Is my Once account protected?

Yes. Your account and other members' account are always protected. You can check their privacy terms in their home page to see their terms and conditions regarding privacy.

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