Enjoy your Match Free Trial and Get to Know the Site!

The most wonderful aspects of life are available for free, so overlooking opportunities that are closely similar is unwise. This mentality drives the curiosity of online daters towards the Match Free Trial. They are looking to experience a platform that is well-acknowledged in the sphere of online dating.

How to use Match for free

Match.com is considered one of the oldest and most popular dating site out there with its many years of providing service to its members. Now, many people wonder whether Match.com is free. The short answer is yes; Match.com offers a free membership with unlimited matching and profile browsing features.

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Everyone starts with a free membership on Match.com. The site is usable even if you are on a free account; you can also choose to remain as a free member for as long as you like. However, some key features such as messaging are reserved for fee-paying members only.

If you are curious about the full potential of the site and its extra features to make your dating experience even better, you are free to upgrade your account into a premium. What is even better is that Match offers a free trial period to let people try out the site first before making a commitment.

We did some digging for you to find out about everything that you need to know about the Match Free Trial.

What do I get with a Match Free Trial?

Match.com offers a 3-day and 7-day free trial with all the special features unlocked so that you can try it out first for free before you commit. You can get the free 3-day trial as a popup offer that you will find anywhere on the site. On the other hand, you may be able to redeem your free 7-day trial by entering your credit card information on the site.

After signing up for the free trial, the clock starts ticking. Here are the special features that you will get during the free trial period:


This is the newest and timely feature of Match. It gives the users the chance to set their preferred dating styles with all the details and their preferences. This feature was released during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. It aims to protect the members and keep them safe from the virus when they meet each other. Dress codes and favorite date venues are covered by this feature.

Real Talk

Some people are not good at coming up with good conversation topics. Thanks to this feature, there are tons of suggested conversation points and ice breakers that they can use.


"Boost" is Match dating’s add-on special feature. Availing this feature puts your profile as the top suggestion on ‘Matches’ and ‘Discover’ for one full hour.

Reverse Matches

"Reverse Matches" is a list of who you are not compatible with. You can choose to browse through your "Reverse Matches" list and interact with them if you want something different.


"Likes" is a tab that lists all the Match members you like, as well as the members who like you. Seeing who likes you is a paid feature.


"MatchPhone" is a premium feature where you can do voice calls to another member. Match.com assigns you with a custom number so you can do voice calls anonymously.

Match Me

Clicking the "Match Me" feature on another member’s profile automatically puts you on top of his or her Match suggestions list. This is a paid feature.

Match Guarantee

Match.com has a "Match Dating Guarantee" that offers you a free six-month Match membership if you don’t find a match within the duration of your membership. This is only available for members who subscribe to at least six-month membership package.

Date Check In

To ensure a member's safety when they go out and meet their match, Match.com included a Date Check In feature. This safety function allows a member to designate three emergency contacts. These selected contacts will receive details such as the date's name, time, and location of the meeting. During the date, Match.com will send automated messages asking the member if they're feeling uncomfortable or unsafe. If they select "Yes," the dating site will send an SOS message to the emergency contacts.

Vibe Check

Members get to interact on a personal level with Vibe Check, an in-app video chat feature by Match. To ensure that both members are willing, the Vibe Check will only be accessible if members have already matched and conversed. A black video icon will appear at the bottom of the messages; once pressed, a request will be sent o the other party. A Match member may choose to join or decline a Vibe Check invite.

Video Date

Have fun and intimate virtual dates with your matches using this feature. You can talk to them using the platform's video calling feature.

"Matched By Us" Feature

Through this matching feature, members will receive one match per week based on their andswers to a number of serious questions about their dating and life goals. This feature aimed to find meaningful connections and dates ultimately avoiding ghosting instances among matched members.

"Vaccinated" Badge

Members can choose whether to flaunt whether they are vaccinated in their profiles. Activating this feature will add a circular badge on the profile page of the member.

Expert Picks

Expert Picks is a feature where dating experts handpick compatible singles together to enhance the user matching experience and add a human touch, not just AI insight.

Free vs. Paid Services

Free Features
  • Account registration
  • Profile creation
  • Send likes
  • Browse on member search
  • Participate in matchmaking game
  • Receive SingledOut matches
  • View member profiles

Premium Features
  • Send messages
  • Instant Messenger
  • See who’s viewed you
  • Email ‘read’ notification
  • Grab a spot in daily matches
  • MatchPhone
  • Browse Invisibly

How does the Match.com Free Trial work?

As soon as you sign up, your clock starts to tick. So it is smart to start your free trial during the time when you are not too busy to maximise all the features that Match.com offers. Basically, here is how the free trial works:

  • Eligibility - To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years or older, single or separated from spouse. Also, you must not be a current member, but a new member on the site.
  • How to redeem - the most basic requirement to redeem is to meet the basic eligibility requirement.
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As part of the enrollment process for the trial subscription, you will be required to pick a subscription package and submit a valid credit card or other forms of payment. If you do not cancel your subscription before the end of the trial subscription period, you will be billed for the subscription package to Match.com that you selected during the trial subscription registration process. 

  • Billing upon expiration - Upon the completion of your trial subscription period, you will be automatically billed for a Match.com subscription for the term and rate you selected when you signed up for your Trial Subscription unless you cancel your subscription.
  • How to cancel the trial subscription - In order to avoid a subscription charge following completion of your Trial Subscription, you must cancel your trial subscription prior to its conclusion.

Tips to Get the Best out of your Match.com Free Trial

Now that you have your freebie with you, make sure that you follow these guidelines to get the best out of your free trial:

  • Try it on a weekend

You can start your free trial on a weekend to make sure that you get the best out of the free trial period you are given. It is also best to choose a time when you are not so busy. Start the trial when your schedule isn't so hectic.

  • Know the cost

Do not be one of those people who accidentally got billed immediately after their free trial ended. Understand exactly what you are getting yourself into before entering your credit card information.

  • Choose the best deal

It is highly recommended for new users to get the 6-month subscription because it’s not too short, not too long, and comes with a guarantee policy that if you don’t meet someone you like after 6 months, you are eligible for another 6 months free.

  • Know the cancellation policy

Some people think that they can quit and get a refund at any time, but it's a lot more complicated than that. Match.com is transparent with their cancellation policy: If you cancel a subscription, you will enjoy subscription benefits until the end of your then-current subscription commitment, following which your subscription benefits will expire. However, you will no longer be able to refund any portion of the subscription fees paid.

Final Words

In the world of dating, you need to play it smart and do your homework. The same goes for choosing the best dating site with premium features and services. You can't just let your hard-earned cash be invested into a low-quality dating site.

Match is among those at the forefront of online matchmaking. They have a wealth of subscription plans to offer and a good reputation in matchmaking a huge pool of singles. The best part is that you can try its paid services for free without making a commitment. Sign up at Match.com now to get your free trial!

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