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Friend is a part of the Friend Finder Network. It has the same operators as, and TSDates. It caters to a broader and more diverse audience compared to the other dating sites that the company runs. It has one of the largest online dating and friendship communities in the world. The site has now around two million active members worldwide and has about a million paying members. 

Friend Finder combines the fun functionalities of a social networking site and the exciting matchmaking features of a dating site. It is popular among those who are searching for casual flings and arrangements. If you are looking for something serious, this may not be the best place to look for it. But if are lucky, you might stumble upon some singles who are looking for their other half.

Since Friend Finder is like a social networking site, it is more open to people of different genders and sexual preferences. The site also offers more relationship types compared to other dating sites. It has a lot of features that encourage people to interact with each other, giving each member a sense of belongingness in the Friend Finder community. 

New members at FriendFinder in December 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at FriendFinder are developing compared to others

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FriendFinder Member Structure

500 from Hong Kong
Members activity
100 active weekly
Gender Proportion
32 %
68 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Has a large membership database
  • The site is dominated by men
  • Thousands of active members daily
  • Majority of its members are not into serious relationships
  • Members are diverse and open-minded

Majority of the people in Friend Finder are in their mid-30s to early 40s. Finding a serious relationship on this site could be difficult, as it mostly has members who are looking for fun and casual online flings. 

Friend Finder is strict in regulating rules and implementing security checks on profiles. This keeps the site clean from any potential bots and fake profiles that can threaten the safety of its members. 

Despite having thousands of daily active members, the site's forum page and interest groups seem to be quiet. What the community enjoys in the site is the blog feature, where every day you will see new posts from its members worldwide.   


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at FriendFinder

FriendFinder Registration
  • Quick sign-up process
  • Partial information for your profile is filled out in the registration process
  • Your sexual orientation and marital status will be asked while signing up
  • You need a unique username to log in
  • Match suggestions are provided after signing up

Signing up an account for Friend Finder will only take about five minutes. It will not ask you to fill out lengthy personality quizzes, but you will have to write a few things about yourself. In the process, you will also be asked to give a few information about yourself like your location, birthday, email address, username, sexual preference, marital status, etc... The information that you have given in this process will then be reflected on your profile once you finish. 

Friend Finder will only allow people with a valid email address to sign up. A verification email will then be sent to the email address you provided, shortly after you finish signing up. This is one of the ways that the site uses in order to keep it away from fake accounts and scammers. The site does not link any of your existing social media accounts to your profile since the site itself also functions as a social networking site. 

One of the trickiest part upon signing up is coming up with a unique username. Because of its large membership, finding an available username can be challenging. 

Making Contact on FriendFinder

FriendFinder Match Overview
  • Messaging is not free
  • Sending winks is free for all
  • Blogs, magazines, chat groups, and forums are available for free
  • Your profile needs to be approved to join chat groups
  • Match preference can be filtered for free

    Friend Finder's messaging feature is not for everyone to enjoy. Initiating contact is exclusive for premium members which can be a turn off for some. But the site is pretty enjoyable for standard users too. It offers a lot of interesting features that will allow you to interact with its members for free. 

    If you find a match you like but can't initiate contact, you can send "Winks" or "Flirts" to let them know that you're interested in knowing them. Forums and group chats are free features you can enjoy, so if you want to meet and talk to new people, try joining one and start chatting! Another way to get people to notice you and interact with you is through blogs. In Friend Finder, you can create blogs, read other people's blogs, and post comments without having to upgrade your account. 

    Standard members can also add people to their hotlist and adjust their match preference for free.

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    FriendFinder Profile Quality

    FriendFinder Profile
    • Profile verification through email
    • Viewing other member's profile is free
    • Video greetings can be added to your profile
    • The profiles are not very detailed
    • The profile information can be changed later
    • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

    The profile section starts with a short introduction about yourself, which you will be writing with your own words. Feel free to write anything in this section. It does not have a character limit so you can be as creative as possible. 

    Upon visiting a match's profile, you will see a compatibility chart that gives you an overview of how much you fit into each other's preferences. The chart will include a list of your basic preferences like what you are looking for, age, and location. Some of the additional preferences are body type, sexual orientation, and marital status. Your preference can be adjusted in your Cupid References. 

    Viewing profile photos and videos are only available for premium members. If you are a standard member, you will be able to see the previews and the thumbnails, but not the full-sized photo and video. 

    Profiles undergo a verification process, right after signing up. If a profile is not yet verified, then you will not be able to enter group chats. One cool thing in Friend Finder is that non-members can skim through the list of members. So if you're still planning to sign up, you can check out their site and see if you have a good feeling about the listed members near you.

    FriendFinder App

    FriendFinder App
    • Free to download
    • Only available for iOS
    • Allows you to meet members from other sites run by Friend Finder Networks
    • Easy to use
    • Website has a mobile adaptive design

    The Friend Finder Network created an app where all of its members from different sites can communicate with each other. The app is called All Friend Finder which is only available on the App Store. When logging in to the app, you will be using "" and the password you used on the site. 

    The app helps you to always stay connected so you always get notified when you receive likes and messages. Ideally, the app should make it a lot easier for you to check your emails and search for new members, but it seems to be heavy with bugs and glitches that have to be fixed.

    FriendFinder Real Life Review

    "Friend Finder is one of my most used sites. Even though it's a dating site, I personally prefer this over some of the other social media networking sites that I have. I just feel like Friend Finder has got it all for me and I love the fact that I get to meet new people from all parts of the world every day. 

    I enjoy its features that allow me to talk and connect with its members. And the honesty of its community is something to look forward to, especially if you're looking for a friend with benefits. In fact, I have met a lot of girls and boys on this site that are very open to trying out new things (in bed). 

    What I don't like though, is how bad the website's layout is. Friend Finder should definitely step up their game. It's the 21st century! They should at least try to keep up with modern designs!" - Lee, 34

    Design and Usability

    The design for the website can be overwhelming at first. Its layout seems to be a little cramped and all over the place, making it difficult and confusing to use. It also has an old and basic user interface which could be both good and bad at the same time. Good, since it allows lesser time for the site to load, and bad, because the layout does not help in making the site look pleasing to the eyes. 

    The site and its many features could have been more enticing for members to use if the design was improved. The site's outdated design may not be appealing to the younger generation, but it is quite convenient for the majority of its members.

    FriendFinder Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Add people to your hotlist
    • Search for members
    • View profiles
    • Add photos
    • Upload a video
    • Send flirts to people
    • Create a magazine
    • Create Blogs
    • Join groups and Forums
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    Fee-Based Services
    • Send unlimited emails to members
    • View an unlimited number of photos and profiles
    • Profile highlight
    • Power searches
      Filter by body type, education, last login date.
    • Add friends
    • See photos in full size
    • Watch full-length videos from members
    • Access to ICQ, AIM, YIM & MSN ID's of members in your network
    • Full/Partial access to groups, blogs, and magazine features
      Access depends on the membership.
    • Access to telephone technical support

    Is FriendFinder expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers FriendFinder is average.
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    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    Silver Membership
    1 Month22.95 USD / Month22.95 USD
    3 Months13.95 USD / Month41.85 USD
    6 Months10.95 USD / Month65.70 USD
    Gold Membership
    1 Month34.95 USD / Month34.95 USD
    3 Months19.98 USD / Month59.94 USD
    6 Months15.93 USD / Month95.60 USD
    FriendFinder Price
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card
    • Direct Debit
    • Via Mobile Phone

    There are two different membership plans for Friend First is the "Silver" membership, which gives you limited access to some of the site's features. The other one is the "Gold" membership, which gives you full access to all of the site's features. 

    The membership upgrade for Friend Finder is highly optional. Without the upgrade, you can still interact with other members through groups, magazines, and blogs. Keep in mind that you might have very limited ways of using these features if you're only a standard member.

    The useful features that are only available for paying members include, initiating contact, watching full-length profile videos, getting profile highlights, etc.

    Prices are all in USD.

    Special Features

    Friend Finder developed features that make it different from all the other dating sites. These features are fun, engaging, and essential for meeting other members.

    Video Introduction

    Friend Finder allows you to post a video introduction on your profile. You can either upload a file or take a video with your webcam.

    Instant Messaging

    This feature allows you to meet and talk to people from other sites run by the Friend Finder Network. 


    The magazine section is where members are free to write and post articles, stories, advice, and polls. It is free for everyone to use and it highly encourages people to interact with each other.

    Personal Blog

    This allows people to keep an online blog or journal using their Friend Finder account. Standard members can write basic blogs while premium members can add photos to their blogs. Regardless of membership, people are free to comment and respond to each other in this section.

    Interest Groups

    Interest groups are like forums where people talk about a certain topic. Friend Finder has hundreds of groups available. You can also create your own group with a topic of your choice for free.

    Hot or Not

    The Hot or Not feature is the site's latest development. It is like the swiping feature found in dating apps. With this feature, you can judge people based on their photos if they are hot or not.

    Update Status

    Just like other social media networking sites, Friend Finder also has an update status feature. The status you post on this site will be posted on the activity feed and on your profile. The site reviews all the status from its members before it gets posted.

    Live Webcam Viewing

    This feature focuses more on adult entertainment where members are free to watch other members live. There are two options for Live Webcam Viewing. You can either choose to watch members who are currently broadcasting or watch nude models broadcasting. 

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.5 / 5
    App: 3.5 / 5
    Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Friend Finder is a dating site that has been proven and tested by millions of people worldwide. It is more than just your average dating site where you find matches and friends. It is a home where everyone, regardless of their background, personality, and gender finds a community to belong to. It is a simple yet fun dating site that also functions as a social networking site. It has features unique to dating sites that even standard members can enjoy like creating blogs, joining forums, and creating magazines. Although Friend Finder is a pioneer in the online dating industry, it has a lot to improve on especially its user interface. The site welcomes everyone but it has more members that look for friends or casual dates. If you are not just looking for a match, but also seeks to find a community, then Friend Finder is a site you should try.
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    FriendFinder FAQ


    What is Friend

    Friend is a dating site that helps people connect and interact with other people from all over the world. It also functions as a social networking site with features that allow people to find a community they can relate to and help people gain friends.

    When was Friend Finder established?

    Friend Finder was first launched in 1996. It is one of the pioneers in providing online dating services to many people worldwide. 

    Who owns Friend Finder?

    Friend Finder is run by one of the largest adult entertainment companies, the Friend Finder Network. 

    Who can sign up for an account in Friend Finder?

    The site is open to people from ages 18 and above regardless of gender, sexual preference, and marital status. The site is one of the few that explicitly opens their doors to all types of people. 


    Why do I get the order form when I try to view profiles?

    As a standard member in Friend Finder, you will only be given limited access to the site's features. Viewing other people's full profile is free, but it has a few restrictions for standard members. It is possible that you are trying to do something that is only available for premium users, causing you to get redirected to the order form.

    What is the difference between entering as a guest and entering as a member?

    Friend Finder works on a membership system which allows the site to keep track of their users' profile information. Entering as a guest to the site will only allow you to browse through the site's list of members. For you to enjoy the site's features, you have to sign up and register an account.

    What are points and how do they work?

    Friend Finder gives you points as you actively use the site. Certain activities correspond to a certain amount of points (e.g uploading a profile picture is equal to 20 points). If you click on the "You have xxx Points" link, you will be directed to a page that has a list of actions and their corresponding points. Your points can then be redeemed for a certain item or you can use them to unlock a feature without getting a membership upgrade.

    What does it mean to be a "Featured Member"?

    Featured members are the members you find at the very top left of the page, separated from the normal member search results. If you want to be featured, redeem your points by clicking on your points page or click the link found in the Feature Members box.

    How do I update my profile in Friend Finder?

    By going to your "My Account" link, you will be able to find the links that will allow you to edit and update your profile information. You will find the following editable profile sections on that page:

    (1) Basic profile - this contains your basic information like name, birthday, age, location, etc.

    (2) Personal Information - this contains details about your educational attainment, occupation, and marital status. 

    (3) Physical Information - this section is about your physical characteristics like height, body type, hair colour, etc.

    What should I do if my profile status is pending?

    If your Friend Finder account is still pending, you can have it approved by contacting the site's customer service department.

    What is the blog for?

    The "Blog" is a Friend Finder's special feature that encourages its members to keep an online journal that is accessible to the public.


    How do I turn off auto-renewal?

    Log in to Friend and click the "My Account" button at the top menu. Then choose the "Billing History & Credit Card Info" found in the account section. At the top of the page, you will see your product status; there, you will find the option to turn off your auto renewal.

    Why was my credit card denied?

    There are a lot of possible reasons why your card was denied. Listed below are the most common ones:

    • Insufficient funds 
    • Your card has expired
    • Your billing address does not match the card statement
    • cvv/cvv2 number is incorrect or incomplete

    How do I upgrade my Friend Finder membership?

    If you wish to upgrade your membership status, all you have to do is to click the "Upgrade Now" button found at the top right side of your homepage. You will then be led to a page where you fill out an order form for your membership upgrade.

    How do I redeem or buy a gift certificate?

    To buy or redeem a gift certificate, log in to your account and go to the "Redeem or Buy Gift Certificates" link found in the "My Account" section. If you want to redeem, enter the code for the gift certificate and click the "Redeem" button. If you want to buy a certificate, click the "Buy a gift certificate" link and fill out the order form that will appear.

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