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EbonyFlirt is a black dating site made to help singles find their gorgeous ebony matches. It has a combination of free and paid features to let members interact with one another inside the site. But creating an account remains free for new members.

It wants to be known as a dating site where you can find romance, friendship, love, or short, fun dates. Although it is a black dating site, there are still a lot of members who hail from different cultures across different countries.

Aside from being a dating site, it advertises itself as a black social discovery site where singles can go look for other like-minded individuals.

Are these claims true? Is this site worth checking out or is it just like any other online dating platform that scams the money out of you? We took a closer look at EbonyFlirt for you! Read on below to find out more.

More information about the coronavirus at EbonyFlirt

The coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) severely restricts our social life as we know it. In particular, it is currently no longer possible to get to know someone in "offline life". However, EbonyFlirt and other dating sites still remain as an option! The desire for love, a new partner or some fun remains with many singles. Especially if we think about the next weeks, the yearning for closeness is growing for many and there is a curfew in many places. Despite all of this, online dating is the safest way to still get to know someone, chat or have video chats.Therefore, no single has to be afraid of loneliness - many like-minded people are waiting for you online!Unfortunately we keep hearing that singles meet, although social contacts are officially restricted. Please keep yourself informed about the legal situation in your area and comply with the prescribed rules.Always keep in mind: there is also a time after the corona crisis! What could be nicer than finally having a date when everyone can get out again? In addition, many dating sites currently have particularly great discounts and promotions due to the corona crisis. That is why you should definitely take a look at EbonyFlirt - time will pass by much faster if you ride the quarantine out with somebody on your (digital) side. Maybe right now the right person is waiting for you to write the first message?

Member Structure

2,000 from Hong Kong
Members activity
1,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
33 %
67 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Majority of members are black people
  • There are gays and lesbians on the site
  • There are members who are from other countries

Black people dominate the site, but it is open to accepting members who hail from different races. There are a lot of African-American members on the site, but most members come from African and South American countries where there is an abundance of black people. Such countries include South Africa, Algeria, Senegal, Trinidad and Tobago, Morocco, and Cameroon.

The site is pretty popular among Western singles, too. Members from across the globe hail from the following countries: United States. France, Canada, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Signing Up

rebonyflirt registration
  • Registration process is fast and easy
  • Postal code is required
  • Email verification is required
  • You can skip most steps
  • Gays, lesbians, and bisexuals can join

Creating an account with EbonyFlirt is relatively easy and hassle-free. To start the registration process, the required information that you need to disclose include gender, age, email address, and location.

Email Verification

After the basic details, you will need to verify the email address you input on the first step. 

Most of the time, the email goes into the "Promotions" section of your inbox. You can also check your spam folder if you can't locate the email after 5 to 10 minutes.

You can skip adding a photograph that comes up as the next step. Photos uploaded to the site should only show your face and not anyone else's. The site admins check the photos before displaying them on the site.

After that, you can add in more detail to your profile such as ethnicity, body type, hair colour, etc.

Making Contact

ebonyflirt contact
  • There is a chat function
  • You can send photos to other members
  • Get free 5 chats per day
  • Search for members based on location

EbonyFlirt's communication features are straightforward. The site believes that dating should be fun, but simple. With this principle, they offer the following features:

  • Chat - where you can send text and photos to other members
  • Like Gallery - where you can play the "Cute or Not" game, allowing you to vote whether a member is cute or not based on their profile photo
  • Send Likes - send a feeler to a member that you like by using this feature


You can send a flirty message to multiple members at once by using the Flirtcast feature.

Flirtcast is a preset message which you can send to lots of people who match your search parameters, at once. Choose the line by clicking on the round arrows and pressing the "Send now" button.

Contact Safety

You should not follow any external links that members may share with you. If a suspicious member asks you for a personal code, inform the site and they will take action.

The site provides multiple layers of security that give its members peace of mind and enables them to feel confident about communicating with each other. They screen the name of reported members for felony and sexual offense convictions using some of the largest criminal records files on the internet.

Anyone with a felony or sexual offense conviction recorded in these files is prevented from communicating with the site members.

Profile Quality

EbonyFlirt Profile
  • There are some fake profiles but are easily detected
  • You can write a "status" to share what you're thinking
  • Photos are regulated by site admins
  • Lots of fun profile features
  • The profiles are not very detailed

Since you can skip most of the registration process, the profile details are not very detailed. However, profile pages are juicy in terms of photos. EbonyFlirt has added the following profile features to make dating even more fun:

Safe Mode

To add a layer of security to each profile, EbonyFLirt implements the Safe mode feature for everyone. You can set your preferred settings inside your profile. This feature allows you to filter who can contact you. You can choose between the three options:

  • Off - with Safe Mode off, you can be contacted by all members.
  • Basic- with Basic Safe Mode on you can view and contact all members except for those marked as suspicious.
  • Full - with Full Safe Mode active, only Verified Members can contact you.

Promote My Account feature

Are you busy at the moment but still wants to stay active on the site? You can try out the "Promote My Account" feature. With the "Promote My Account" feature you will meet new matches easily even when you are offline. EbonyFlirt will send promotional messages with a list of your potential matches and add them to your favourites list on your behalf to increase your chances of meeting someone special.

To use this feature you must have at least one picture in your profile. You will also need to identify what you are looking for inside the site. You have the following options:

  • Random meet-ups
  • Serious relationships
  • Short-term relationships

You can also set your status, just like in popular social media. Type anything on your profile, but make sure that you don't put in sensitive personal details such as contact number, bank details, or addresses as these details will be filtered out by the site administrators.


ebonyflirt app
  • EbonyFlirt app is only available for Android users
  • EbonyFlirt app for iOS is a work in progress
  • Android and iOS users can access the site's mobile version
  • Features and functions are similar on the app and site
  • Download the Android app on the web

There is an EbonyFlirt app for Android users, but members can only download it on the web. Strangely enough, you will not find the app listed under Google Play, but the installer does work for Android devices. You will not find the installer on the site either, it can be an indication that the app is still in its beta testing stages and has not been launched by the site yet. There is no EbonyFlirt app for iOS devices yet.

Despite all that, Android and iOS users can enjoy using the site's features by going to its mobile version. It works the same as the desktop version and has similar functions and features.

Real Life Review

The ladies at EbonyFlirt are really beautiful! I've been using this site for a while now because of their location search filter. This feature makes it possible for me to find someone who lives in my city. Because of this, I can really meet up with my match instead of just having a conversation about it on the site. I have been to three dates and so far, and it's good! - Tyrone, 22, Student

EbonyFlirt Costs and Prices

Free Services
  • Create an account
  • Browse profiles
  • Search function
  • Cute or Not game
Fee based Services
  • Send unlimited chat
  • Unlock profile information
  • Promote My Account Feature
  • Flirtcast Feature
Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Full Member
1 Month28.80 USD / Month28.80 USD
3 Months16.20 USD / Month48.60 USD
6 Months13.20 USD / Month79.20 USD
EbonyFlirt Cost
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
Payment discretion
  • Your payment will be shown on your card statement as "pmtlth.com 18C08942315"

EbonyFlirt uses automatic renewal billing. Upon purchase of a membership plan, your bill will renew every month automatically. This means that if you paid for a 3-day subscription, it will automatically convert to a monthly membership plan until you cancel.

Free Membership allows you to register a profile, use the extensive search function for free, like other members, use the "Like Gallery" section, and view messages in public chat rooms.

On the other hand, full membership subscription gives you access to all aspects of the site including chat, messaging and upcoming new features. Full members can send unlimited messages, view all search results, access all members’ photos, and see them in full size. They also can contact popular members and freely check the profile info of any member. As a premium member, you will enjoy the following features:

  • Unlimited chats
  • Big photos
  • Unlock profile details
  • Extended search
  • Premium support
  • Share photos and videos in chat

Satisfaction Policy

If you have not found someone on the site to meet up during the first three months of your membership, you may be eligible to receive a free 3-day trial to use with any of the EbonyFlirt affiliated dating sites. This will automatically renew at the then-current membership rates until cancelled.

To request a trial under the Satisfaction Guarantee, you should contact support@ebonyflirt.com with your request, and be prepared to provide evidence of your compliance with the terms. The complete list of terms is available on the site.

Special Features

EbonyFlirt has a lot of features and services to get your black dating game on. Take a look at these features:

Like Gallery 

Browse the best photos and decide whether they are hot or not using this feature. It is open to everyone.


Get a preset message that you can send to lots of people who match your search parameters, at once. Choose the line by clicking on the round arrows and pressing the "Send now" button.


Share what you are thinking about at the moment.

Our rating

Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
Making Contact: 4.0 / 5
Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
App: 3.0 / 5
Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

Editors Conclusion

DatingsScout.hk Author Chris Pleines
Many people are delighted to use EbonyFlirt because it is culturally-diverse, but the majority of its membership stays true to what it promised to give people—genuine black dating experience. The combination of free and paid features gives its members a window to decide if snagging that premium is worth it. People who use the site are also real, no bots or proven fake profile. If you are looking to try black dating, EbonyFlirt may be worth giving a try.



How many times can I subscribe to a three-day trial membership at EbonyFlirt?

You can only subscribe to a three-day trial membership once.

What happens after I cancel my EbonyFlirt subscription?

Once your subscription has been cancelled no more money will be taken from your account. You will remain a paid member until your membership expires.

How do Free and Full Memberships differ on EbonyFlirt?

Free Membership allows you to register a profile, use the extensive search function for free, like other members, use the ‘Like Gallery’ section, and view messages in public chat rooms.

On the other hand, a paid subscription gives you access to all aspects of the site including chat, messaging and upcoming new features. Full members can send unlimited messages, view all search results, access all members’ photos, and see them in full size. They also can contact popular members and freely check the profile info of any member.

What is the "User ID" and why is it displayed in my settings on EbonyFlirt?

User ID is your profile's unique number in the site's database. It will help the customer support team to find your profile fast and tackle any problems shortly after they arise. User ID will be of use when you call the support managers as it will ensure the quickest feedback. To view your user ID, click your avatar on the top-right corner of any site page and select "My Settings." Your ID number will be shown up on the appropriate field.

Will my auto-billing end if I asked to remove my EbonyFlirt account?

If you email the site to remove your account, this does not mean repeat billing will automatically be cancelled. In order to remove your account, you need to cancel repeat billing first.


How do I know if my message has been read?

A double green checkmark in the Messenger window indicates that your message has been read. Note that you can know that your message has been read, only if you have activated premium EbonyFlirt subscription.

How many messages can I send on EbonyFlirt?

With Full Membership, you can send an unlimited number of messages to an unlimited number of users daily. On the other hand, Free Membership has certain limits on messaging. You can send up to 5 messages a day to different users, and no more than 1 message to each user.

How do I upload a photo on EbonyFlirt?

To upload a photo to your profile page, press your avatar in the upper-right corner of any site page and choose "My Profile" from the drop-down menu. Press the "Add Photos" field or the "My Photos" button in the upper-left corner of your profile page.

How many photos can I upload on EbonyFlirt?

You can upload as many photos as you want. Note that your photo must be no less than 320 by 320 pixels, and no bigger than 8MB, in a .jpeg, .jpg, or .png format. To take and upload a photo from your webcam, press the "Webcam Photo" button.

Where can I change my status on EbonyFlirt?

You can enter your status in the "Status" section of the "My Profile" area. Click the save button to save the changes.


How long will it take before I am charged and my account is activated?

If you pay by card, the EbonyFlirt full membership account will be activated immediately after payment goes through.

How do I renew my EbonyFlirt full membership?

The site operates a repeat billing policy. This means that once your initial membership period has expired, for your convenience, your membership will automatically be renewed. Rebilling will occur only when your current payment period expires and not before. If you do not want your membership to be automatically renewed you can cancel the automatic billing any time before the collection date.

What happens after I cancel my EbonyFlirt subscription?

Once your subscription has been cancelled, no more money will be taken from your account. You will remain a paid member until your membership expires.

What is the difference between the "Deactivate Subscription" button and the "Remove Account" button?

When you press the "Deactivate Subscription" button, your account will no longer be charged but your profile will remain on the site. However, if you choose the "Remove Account" button, your profile will be removed from the system so that it is no longer visible; you will receive no further emails from the site.

What is EbonyFlirt's refund police?

Our site operates a no-refund policy. This policy is stated on the Terms and Conditions which you are required to agree to. The details are stated under the refund policy agreement and the application form. You will see this prior to joining the site as a Free and Subscribed member.

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