Top 20 Dating Profile Bio You Should Never Use

Across the globe, individuals use dating apps and websites with hopes of finding their perfect match. While these platforms have facilitated countless relationships, there are still many whose profiles don't do them justice, particularly their dating profile bios. That's where we come in.

We'll guide you through improving your online dating profile with practical advice and highlight the no-go phrases for your dating profile bio. It's a good opportunity to review your profile.

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Top 20 Text You Should Not Put in Your Online Dating Profile

Online Dating Profile Bio

Your profile bio is the second most important feature of your dating profile that creates the first impression to other members of the online dating platform. So it's best to have a good to great profile.

What you write on your profile bio may determine whether or not the other end-user will swipe right, give you a like, or send you a message.

With that, here are the top 20 texts men and women should never use in their dating profile bio. If you find yourself guilty, change it now!

#1 “Hi, text me at XXX-XXXX-XXXX!”

We’ve seen this quite a lot in profile bios, especially from profiles on casual dating sites. Putting your number in your profile bio somewhat says that you offer paid services for sending nudes or escorting – this mostly applies to women. If this isn’t your intention, change it now and just give your number to the matches you want to take the connection offline through a message.

#2 “Looking for my partner in crime”

This statement is too cliché that it makes singles on dating sites cringe when they see it. Literally speaking, you can’t find your partner in crime on a dating site. Dating sites are used to find a certain relationship. If you want to tell that you have a naughty side, the way to do it is to make it noticeable through your messages – don’t explicitly say it as it defeats the purpose and only sends away potential suitors.

#3 “______ need not apply.”

Insert a negative trait or a pet peeve in the underline, and you get yourself a statement that patronises the other people, thus causing them to swipe left. Don’t put yourself on a pedestal. People in online dating sites are not there to apply to be your boyfriend or girlfriend.

#4 “Must love _____.”

This request limits you to getting matches because you are already setting a specific boundary to your ideal match. Some online dating users don’t want to waste time “negotiating” with another member how much they “love” something, so they would instead swipe left to profiles with these statements.

#5 “Two truths and a lie”

Two truths and a lie is a great icebreaker… 5 years ago. Today, it already lost its touch and considered a cliché when you put it on your profile bio. Nobody just wants to play this game anymore.

Dating Profile Dog

#6 “I like dogs more than I like most people.”

Well, why don’t you find a dating app where you could date dogs?

#7 “If you _____, then we probably won’t get along”

Again, this statement limits you to getting matches. Maybe he or she has that specific trait you put, but you might get along on other things – there’s no way of knowing if a potential match swipes left.

#8 “Looking for my travel buddy!”

This statement can turn off a potential match because it might give off the assumption that you’re looking for someone who can pay for your travel expense.

#9 “Probably swiped right because of your dog”

This statement is not cute at all and shows your insincerity of swiping right. If you think the dog is cute, don’t expect its owner will introduce you to one another.

#10 “Don’t message me if you can’t hold a conversation”

Putting this on your profile can negatively reflect on you. Other members may think that you can’t carry a conversation yourself, which is why you’re putting pressure on them to keep the conversation flowing.

#11 “I love spontaneous adventures”

Putting this on your profile bio means that you’re absolutely game for (almost) anything. Make sure you’re up for an invite for a spontaneous activity should you be asked by a match.

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#12 “Good vibes only”

Dating site members are on the platform to have fun and find connections. You don’t need to waste your characters by saying this statement. Plus, the statement may unintentionally have other meanings. If you don’t want others to misunderstand you, it’s best not to put it on your profile bio.

#13 “Don’t be boring”

Asking someone to not be boring sets an expectation for you that you shouldn’t be boring as well. If you want to put this in your profile, it's up to you – just make sure not to be boring.

#14 “Fluent in sarcasm”

Good banter is nice during a conversation. However, if you straightforwardly say that you’re fluent in sarcasm right on your profile bio, it could be a turn off for others because they might think that every compliment you’ll say is sarcastic. I mean… who could ever trust you if you say you’re fluent in sarcasm?

Sugar Daddy Dating Profile Bio

#15 “Looking for sugar daddy”

This is acceptable for dating sites specifically for sugar daddy - sugar baby relationships. But on mainstream dating sites and apps, this is a turn-off.

#16 “LMAO”

Abbreviations or one-word dating profile bios don’t say anything about you – therefore, you might give off the impression that you’re just in the app to kill time and is not looking for a relationship. So, what would be the point of others sending you a message?

#17 “Not sure what I’m doing here”

Sure you don’t. To be honest, nobody wants a dishonest person. Obviously, you signed up for the dating app to find a relationship or a fling.

#18 “My friend signed me up for this!”

It’s great that your “friend” is looking out for your dating life, but no need to let the dating app members know about it. Making this your profile bio faintly says that you don’t have the confidence to be active on the app.

#19 “Just here to make friends”

No, you just don’t want to admit that you’re using a dating app to find love. Nobody signs up for a dating app only to make friends.

#20 “I don’t use this much. Message me on Instagram: [insert handle here]”

Putting this on your profile may look like you just want to increase the number of your Instagram followers – nobody likes that.


There you have the top 20, but still keep an eye out for these runner-ups that didn't make the cut. Here are some extra red-flag phrases that you should look out for or be careful not to use:

  • I’m all about that Netflix & chill

This phrase will tell you that the person is just looking for something casual or a quick hookup. Stay away from these people and avoid using them if you are after finding serious relationships and long-term partners.

  • Live, laugh, love like this second is your last

This sounds very cliche and gives off a lazy and cringey vibe. Chances are, members would just skip on your profile as it does not ooze with personality nor feel like you put an effort into the profile. Ditch this phrase if you have it!

Red Flags to Watch Out for on Dating Profiles

The 20 texts listed above do not only encourage other members to swipe left or hit the X button but also, you might unintentionally suggest that your profile is fake. Those texts can also give off the vibe that you’re not really interested in meeting someone through the dating platform.

Most online dating users create authentic profiles to truly find whatever they’re looking for on the site. However, you can still find fake profiles on most dating sites and apps used for clickbait, catfishing or scamming.

With that, other red flags to watch out for on dating profiles are:

  • If the profile does not have a profile photo.
  • If the profile says he or she works at Krusty Krab or graduated from a joke school.
  • If there is a long list of what the member does not want in a partner.
Catfishing Online Dating Profile

How to Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

Dating Profile Bio Relationship

It’s probably cliché to say this, but for your profile to stand out on dating sites and dating apps, the best thing to do is just be yourself. At the end of the day, honesty still wins. You wouldn’t want to get matches whom you need to pretend to be someone else – especially if you intend to find a relationship through the site. Imagine if a match progresses to dating, and you have to pretend all the time that you like something you don’t – I’m sure we can agree that it’s unlikely to last long.

Other than being honest, you should also upload a variety of photos.

Show the other members know your different sides, and let them know you’re a real person. Also, it’s best to ask your friends for feedback about the photos you upload as well as your profile bio.

Make the Best Online Dating Profile Today

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Whatever kind of relationship you’re looking for, you wouldn’t find it if you don’t start. So sign up today and try your luck! Author Chris Pleines
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