The Ultimate Love and Dating Guide for Christmas

The biting cold, the bright lights, the scent of holiday trees, and people's general happiness—it’s hard not to find Christmas time romantic and dreamy. 

Couple Ice Skate

Christmas dates are inherently more romantic, but does this apply even to those who aren’t in a relationship? Is the season still one to be joyful about? Certainly, it can be. For singles, the thrill of holiday dating could be greater than expected.

Knowing where to start your love quest, what to do on an initial date, and how to align your expectations are crucial steps to bring more romance into the season. Though it might seem full of uncertainties, it’s not necessary to stay that way. This complete guide will help you discover and grow love this Christmas season.

Holiday Love 101

Christmas is such a romantic time, so why spend it alone? Many singles are craving hugs and cuddles these days, so if you’re looking for a likely date, here are some ideas to get you started on your holiday romance:

  • Become a social butterfly

The Yuletide season generally makes you feel warm and happy. In fact, the spike of dopamine and adrenaline can help boost your confidence and socialisation this holiday season. 

No wonder you make new friends even when you’re not as out and about.

Sometimes, the people we vaguely know from work or school, down to the person we regularly see on our coffee run can become our Christmas date once we uttered a giddy “Hi, happy holidays!”

Christmas Party
  • Be where the people are

Sure, getting friendly on the places you frequent may help you score a date. Still, going places or events that interest you make for a cute and plausible meet-cute, too.

You may have noticed this already: the holiday season is filled with Christmas shows, bazaars, art fairs, recitals, and whatever creative pursuits there may be. 

To show your support for these local performers and artisans, visit their shows and even purchase their crafts. Who knows, you might be seated right next to a possible date. 

Online Dating
  • Brush up on your online dating skills

Christmas is also a busy time as you wrap up the year and prepare for the next. Although unfortunate, it is not surprising if you don’t have as much time to physically look for a date. 

So, if you can’t come to them, let them come to you. Even at the comfort of your home, you can nurture and make plans with possible matches with the help of online dating websites and apps. 

Also, these dating sites boast a big number: it’s highly unlikely you can’t cosy up to someone out of the thousands or millions using the site.

Now that you have some idea on where to begin the search, what next? What do you on your Christmas dates?

Ideas for a festive first date

Congratulations on scoring that first date! Now’s the chance to finally test if the flirtation can lead to something even better. 

First dates are very important because they can make or break your future with this person. If the date’s disastrous, there’s no doubt that it will be the first and last time you’re going to see each other.

As such, you have to make the most out of your first meeting. Maybe skip the movies and candlelit dinners—this Christmas, try out these unique dates: 

  • Play like little kids again

They say the holiday season is for kids, and what better way to celebrate than reliving your happiest and most playful moments? 

For an action-packed and laughter-inducing date, do all the activities you think you are “too old” to do.

Play around an amusement park or arcade, fire it up with a round of laser tag, get spooked inside a haunted house or escape room—just let your worries go and be the carefree versions you were years back. 

  • Pump it up with a walking tour

Stroll around an artsy or scenic neighbourhood and take your time exploring the different haunts and stores that you see along the way.

A relaxing walk with someone who’s maybe the one makes you see the world through rose-tinted glasses—everything looks fantastic. The festive lights and decor will also help you get right into a romantic Christmas mood.

Plus, walking around actually puts to good use the frenetic energy you carry, which is courtesy of adrenaline and dopamine in your giddy system.

Romantic Christmas Stroll
  • Volunteer together

Are you pet lovers? Supporters of a particular cause? Have talents you can share with willing learners? Whatever you may be, make the holidays memorable by volunteering some time off.

Not only will your contribution be valuable to your chosen community or beneficiary, but you will also come home thankful and even more respectful of your date.

Cafe Date
  • Get warm and fuzzy

You’re both at your best behaviours and most excellent wear on a first meeting.

So for your holiday date, dress up and participate in wine tastings or go out and get a cup of mulled wine, hot wine, eggnog, or even some hot chocolate.

It’s such a win-win situation: you can be dressed to the nines, and the savoury drink will help you stay warm and relaxed as you unwind and talk about every little thing.

  • Glide and skate away

Truthfully, can you even say you’ve made the most out of the holidays without ice skating? Whether you’re a pro or not, this activity makes for a cute first date as you play together in the ice. Ice skating naturally helps you cosy up faster as you skate side-by-side, hold on to each other, and talk.

Need a little more inspiration? These date ideas may not be as Christmas-y, but it will help you spend a memorable time together.

Have yourself a jolly Christmas date

Without a doubt, you can find Christmas love in time for the year-end celebrations!

Although a fair number warns you about the dangers of holiday dating, your spark need not fizzle out once the decorations are back in hiding.

For a successful Christmas love, here are some tips:

  • No rushing it

Holiday dating becomes volatile only when you move forward at breakneck speed. Don’t let your picture-perfect idea of a holiday romance ruin your date. 

Live for the present instead of thinking that this may be the Christmas miracle you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Go with the flow

That said, let your blossoming romance run its natural course. Treat this attraction in the same way you would treat a suitable date in the most uneventful month.

Romantic Christmas Date
  • Speak up

There are some unspoken expectations when it comes to holiday dating. Do you exchange gifts? Do you bring them home to meet the family? Do you buy gifts for their parents? 

To save you, and your potential beau, from the awkwardness, be vocal. Don't hesitate and ask each other how you’d like this first Christmas to roll out. 

Finding a long-lasting Christmas love is work, but it does not have to be impossible when you don’t let the pressure of this magical season get to you.

Can I be merrily single?

Somehow, you ended up without a committed relationship or even a promising date for the holidays. You begin to wonder, is it possible to have yourself a merry little Christmas alone?

The answer? You absolutely can.

Many may argue that staying single rather than forcing a relationship to keep you company in the holidays is more beneficial. The latter is grounded on a somewhat temporary goal, and it’s easy for the spark to fizzle out once you’re no longer feeling the magic of Christmas.

Staying single, however, prompts you to spend more time with the key people who will be with you through the seasons—your family, friends, and yourself.

If for some reason, you’re spending the holidays far from home, you can still make the most out of it. Try out these worthwhile activities you can do when you’re celebrating Christmas alone: 

Single Eating Cookie
  • Pamper yourself

If you don’t feel like decorating or cooking up a holiday feast for one, channel all your energy towards a project you will be appreciative of—self-care.

Spend Christmas alone by doing things your body will thank you for.

Go out and exercise, book a massage or spa, shop for new items, eat hearty meals cooked by excellent restaurants, drink tasty liqueur or exquisite coffee. Also, why not finish that growing pile of books or binge-watch all the movies and series you saved for later? You have all the time now.

This Christmas, go ahead and focus on yourself.

  • Experience another culture's celebration

You’re probably based in another city or country for you to be far from your family these holidays. Still, hold on to the fact that you’re just alone, not lonely.

So you won’t get homesick, try to dip your feet into the culture and tradition of the country you’re in. Observe and participate in the celebration of your host country or city. You’re experiencing something new, so be present and try it all out.

  • Sign up for friendship apps

Humans are social beings.

You may not be in search of love, but the prospect of meeting and bonding with new friends is something quite irresistible.

To help you get out into the world, try looking for acquaintances via apps.

Mobile applications like Bumble and Skout are also geared to let you match with other people looking for new pals or networks. That way, you get to celebrate Christmas with newfound friends quite easily.

Christmas Girl With Friends

You may not have someone cuddle when the weather outside is frightful, but staying single doesn’t have to be lonely. But if you prefer to kiss someone under the mistletoe, is there something you can still do?

Holiday date ideas for all couples

So you have someone special to celebrate Christmas with? The holidays are bound to be merrier with your lover right by your side.

Although kissing under the mistletoe is a somewhat obligatory Christmas activity, there’s more to the season than snuggling at home.

If you haven't already, decorating the house together or trying your hand at baking some holiday goodies will surely get you into a festive mood. Blast on some Christmas tunes, sing-along, and you're fully in the holiday zone. 

But what if you want the celebration to be even more meaningful? To create epic holiday memories with your beau, try out these Christmas date ideas:

  • Go on a road trip in search of holiday spots

Going to unfamiliar places is already exciting and memorable, what more if you’re doing it with someone special? For the holidays, why don’t you try visiting famous Christmas landmarks?

This activity seems perfect for the couple who’s on their honeymoon stage. Maybe it’s because you are getting started, but this is also the phase when you’re basically joined at the hip. You’re both energetic and game to do whatever as long as you’re together.

If you didn’t have much of a chance to talk, the road trip would be perfect. Just imagine all the time you’ll spend alone in the car as you zoom through the interstate. This trip can also become a turning point in your blossoming relationship; you’ll be in new places, and you’ll have to rely on one another to get by.

Couple Gift Giving
  • Be each other's (not-so-secret) Santa 

Arguably, receiving gifts is one of the highlights of this festive season.

The thought that someone actually took the time and effort to purchase a present for you makes the whole gift-giving experience a must-do.

For Christmas, why don’t you try being each other’s Santa? Your gifts need not be expensive.

You can DIY, offer to do things, or be thoughtful and practical. The point is to demonstrate that you know your partner well to give gifts they’ll actually appreciate and use.

  • Finish the Christmas shopping together

Although it’s nice to receive gifts, the truth is, it’s not so fun to go out and purchase them. For those whose list involves a lengthy enumeration of family members, friends, and even colleagues, the preparations may be draining.

Maybe it won’t be so tiring if you do it together—the task at hand may even be more enjoyable. You can ask each other for ideas, and you can also decide to become the cheesy couple who gifts their common friends as a solid unit. 

  • Chill with a couple spa or massage

Doesn’t it feel heavenly when your loved one attempts to massage your stiffening shoulder or aching temple? It shows how much they care even though they're novices.

For the holidays, treat each other to the pampering your tired bodies deserve. This time, go all out and enjoy a spa or full body massage, so the aching joints and muscles finally get a good squeeze. 

You may take note or even ask the experts to teach you some simple techniques, so you become efficient the next time you try to massage your beau.

Couple Spa


Oh, Christmas! It’s indeed the most wonderful time of the year as everyone’s hearts become content with the warmth of companionship.

Couples and those independent souls all have their holidays mapped out. But for you who decided to give holiday dating a chance, your Christmas is bound to get exciting.

Parties present excellent opportunities to meet other singles. You may also try your luck and visit Christmas markets or events. The vibe, booze, and the countless people you'll meet may give you a chance to spark a Christmas romance.

But if you want a surer way to network with a bigger crowd, dating or matchmaking sites are just one signup away. So, breathe in the cheery scent of Christmas and get flirting.

Happy holidays! Author Chris Pleines
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