EliteSingles: A cut above the rest


Among the many dating sites and apps, EliteSingles promotes itself as being a step above the rest. The platform is for those at the top of their game: intellectually sharp and committed people. 

This brings up the question: have I made the grade? How intelligent and committed must I be to join the elite EliteSingles?

Let’s go through what it takes to meet the criteria of EliteSingles!

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EliteSingles Requirements: What do I have to be?

Generally speaking, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to joining EliteSingles. However, what made this online matchmaking service a hit is that birds of the same feather flocked together. 

New and existing members looking for love were able to find successful matches at EliteSingles. Why? These singles they satisfied either most or all of these special requirements:

1. Be at least 18 years of age

There may be special provisions depending on your location, but 18 is generally accepted as the age when you are old and responsible enough to give your consent. EliteSingles is no different from other dating sites in the sense that they also require aspiring members to be at least 18 of age. 

However, it seems like the most popular age range for EliteSingles is the mid20s to 30s. Still, it’s nice to note that members who may be wise beyond their age can hop on in start looking for love at EliteSingles.

2. Be educated

One of the distinct selling points of EliteSingles is the class of its members. Almost 85% of its global userbase is highly educated. The online matchmaking service goes as far as to share that the members received above-average education. This means that it is common to find users with undergraduate, graduate, or even doctorate degrees. Some are still pursuing their degrees, but it is safe to assume to almost all are well-informed.

But wait, personality-wise, these are not your stereotypical snobbish intellectuals; sure, they are schooled, but they are respectful. Educated may not be the best term to describe EliteSingles members—cultured may be more like it.

Expect your conversations to just breeze through the small talks. An EliteSingles member is looking for someone with a personality they can jive to. In no time, you’ll be bonding over hobbies and deep talks.

3. Be discerning and witty

EliteSingles is an online matchmaking service that makes use of a unique algorithm to deliver quality matches that fit your preferences. As such, one of the special requirements is that you’ll need to be patient and discerning—don’t decide based on face value alone.

And you can do so by viewing profiles. EliteSingles has one of the most detailed profile sections; read one, and you’re bound to understand why the service matched you with this particular individual. 

Also, EliteSingles decided to stick to the tested and proven features rather than gamble on innovative functionalities. At the end of the day, no matter how much you swiped or winked, your chemistry will only be determined if you communicated, right?

So take note of their profile information, think of an excellent icebreaker, and charm your match with witty banter. 

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4. Be on the lookout for love

One of the contributing factors behind the success of EliteSingles is that most, if not all of the members are in it in search of something long-term. EliteSingles may not be the right platform if you're only looking for something fun and short. Sure, you may enjoy some light-hearted online flirting, but at one point, you'll have to connect on a deeper level with a match. It's a special requirement—putting in the effort to find the one.

5. Be a good follower

Given the serious and committed nature of its members, EliteSingles also ensures it has policies in place to lure scammers, catfishers, and other malicious individuals out. For starters, most of its contacting features are available for paying members only. EliteSingles is also quick to suspend or block inactive suspicious accounts.

As such, for committed daters, make sure you do the following:

  • Upload real photos

EliteSingles will verify the images you upload, so make sure you choose one that showcases your face. Go for a recent picture that is not blurred, pixelated, or heavily-edited. Also, don't attempt to use a drawing, a group photo, or that of popular personality. EliteSingles will only flag down these attempts; your account may be pending approval or worse, suspended.

  • Fill out your profile

As with your photo, EliteSingles will also approve every profile edit that you do. Granted, most of what's in it is lifted from the registration, but it is best if you complete your profile in one go. Answer candidly and be mindful of your sentences and words. EliteSingles will disapprove text that is heavy on grammatical errors, does not answer the question or contain any useful information (Tip: "Tell you later!" is a no-no), and filled with sexual innuendos.

  • Follow the guidelines

To become a verified and reputable member of EliteSingles, make sure you follow the instructions. Upload photos accordingly, refrain from adding any contact information in public spaces (i.e. your profile or pictures), and always practice proper online dating etiquette.

6. Be willing to purchase premium

Our review of EliteSingles led us to see that the majority of the members are subscribed to either of the three monthly plans: Classic, Light, or Comfort.

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Is EliteSingles expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers EliteSingles is in the upper midfield.
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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Premium Light
Unlimited communication, intelligent matchmaking
3 Months49.95 GBP / Month149.85 GBP
Premium Classic
Unlimited communication, intelligent matchmaking, view all members photos, see all profile visitors, identify verification, read receipts for messages.
6 Months34.95 GBP / Month209.70 GBP
Premium Comfort
Unlimited communication, intelligent matchmaking, view all members photos, see all profile visitors, identify verification, read receipts for messages.
12 Months24.95 GBP / Month299.40 GBP

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This paying crowd maybe because most of the contacting functions are premium. Although not a requirement if you’re looking around, for the serious daters, you need to consider upgrading for you to have actual interactions with your suggested matches. 

Elite Singles Requirements? Check! Now what?

So you’ve already established that you satisfy most if not all of the special requirements at EliteSingles. Now what? What do you gain?

A promising friendship

Sure, you’re not in a matchmaking site to find friends, but sometimes you know that the matches you gained are better off as your pals. And that’s not surprising. 

You quickly bond with the members of EliteSingles because you share a thing or two, and you click. Whether or not you make it through a relationship, being with acquaintances that get you is one of the perks if you do register and go premium at EliteSingles.

A committed relationship

There’s a reason why EliteSingles claims it is a “serious dating site,” and that is because the members are in it for the long-run.

A mature userbase will show that they are already past the casual and no-labels arrangements. They may not say no to such short-term things, but ultimately, they want commitment. 

A partner who’ll say “I Do”

Where do committed relationships usually go? A union between two lovers. EliteSingles members take online dating seriously. They genuinely would like to know a potential match to see if there’s a possibility of a happily ever after with the person. 


What makes EliteSingles a cut above the rest is that it cultivated an online community where cultured and committed singles can interact and find their one true love.

If you said yes to most or all of the EliteSingles special requirements, then what are you waiting for? Your potential match may be one sign-up away.

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