How to Compliment A Man

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Can you recall a time when a man’s compliment made you feel on top of the world, especially unexpectedly?

How did it make you happy, right? It's a similar experience for men. Compliments are heartfelt words that mean a lot. It can give your man a boost in his self-esteem and in your relationship, which will, in turn, favourably bounce back to you.

A thoughtful compliment can change how he perceives you if you’re crushing on someone but not dating yet. Men often don’t forget genuine compliments and think back on them with a smile. This article explains the importance of complimenting your man or the one you like, and how to give a compliment that touches his heart deeply.

Usually, when men hear an original, sincere compliment, they don’t forget about it. They also tend to think about the giver of the praise from time-to-time, putting a smile on their faces.

In this article, we will tell you exactly why you need to compliment your man or the man that you like. But not only that! We will also teach you how to deliver the perfect compliment that will surely make his heart melt!

Why Women Need to Compliment Men Too

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Hearing sincere compliment fires happy neurons in anyone’s brain, making that person gush and feel good about himself. It’s the way humans are wired and programmed. Compliments are very powerful reinforcements that directly influences a person’s zest and inspiration in life.

Here are some reasons why men need to hear compliments, too:

1. Men want to be admired

Every man desires to be commended especially by the opposite sex. But what most women don’t know is that men want you to admire their character more than their looks and

success. If a man is good-looking, chances are he always get compliments like that that when you focus on his looks, you’ll be just like everybody else. 

Besides, he didn’t choose his looks; it was not earned but given merely. This is why focusing your compliment to admiring his character would make more impact because his decisions made him who he is today. And again, if he has good looks, he probably doesn’t hear many compliments about his character, which would make you more unforgettable.

2. Men want to feel special

Every man has the desire to stand out from the rest. Especially when you just met, or you’re in the initial phases of dating, he would want to know that the other men from your past have nothing compared to him. When you make him feel special, he will also make you feel special in return.

3. Men want validation

There are more insecure men than it is of women. Men have a deep fear of inadequacy or not being enough. Complimenting his skills validates his competence in doing what he does. Particularly if these skills are tied to a man’s gender roles, compliments validate his masculinity, which will make him more self-confident and motivated to do even better.

4. Men want to feel appreciated

Compliments show your appreciation. When a man knows you’re paying attention to him and his efforts, he will remember those positive reinforcements. These positive reinforcements will motivate him to become even a better man. 

This is most useful if you and your partner have been together for years. You may tend to dismiss voicing out your gratitude as what he’s doing is what is expected anyway. But men still want to hear that they are appreciated—that you are grateful that he’s your partner.

5. Men want to feel secure

Security is vital for men, especially if they are in a relationship. Giving your man compliments about what he makes you feel will make him know that he is doing the right things, and that will make him secure in the relationship. Consequently, he will invest more in the relationship because it’s been voiced out that he’s loved and appreciated.

6. Men are not good at picking up hints and subtle clues

The best way to make your man feel good is by outright telling them instead of assuming that they already know. Newsflash: men aren't as good at picking up hints and clues women can immediately pick up on from a mile away. Men literally hold on to a single piece of compliment for years. Give your man some compliments and you will be shocked at how appreciative he can be.

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How to Compliment A Man

When men put in the effort to look good for you and they know that they did quite a good job, they would want you to notice. When men do something right, they want to hear about it. 

So how do you compliment a man properly that it won’t come off as sarcasm or mere flattery? How do you make him blush and even melt his heart?

Tip # 1: Be as specific as possible

“You look good” is a compliment, yes. But it’s instead a very shallow compliment that people quickly say to anyone that it had lost its value and meaning. Compliments that are commonly said don’t make an impact on the receiver anymore, so if you want to be remembered and if you’re going to leave an impression, you have to do better than that.

Here are some categories which can help you think of one:

Compliment his masculinity. Every man wants to be acknowledged for how much a man he indeed is. An excellent compliment that will draw him to you and would surely make his heart melt: “I feel so safe whenever I’m with you.”

A compliment that validates how much a man he is would make him feel secure about himself and in your relationship.

Compliment his character. Admiring his character sets him apart from all the men you’ve previously dated. This assures him that you are into him and no longer looking for somebody else. Compliments that begin with “I admire you for...” are a great way to start. An example: “I admire you for not losing your cool with that rude driver,” or “I admire you for how you handled that unlikely situation.”

When a man receives a compliment about his character, it will make him feel very special.

Compliment his ability to lead. Most men like to take the lead on things, whether it’s taking the lead on which route to take when going somewhere or handling a matter involving other people.

If he is a great leader, you could say compliments such as, “I loved how you took the lead on this,” or “I trust you.” You could also try saying “I’m on your side,” or “I would follow you anywhere.” These compliments would show how much you trust him.

Compliment his hidden traits. When you compliment a man’s talent, you’ll be just like everybody else. So instead, praise the quality that made him good at his talent! That will make it much more meaningful. An example: “I like how determined you are in perfecting your music.”

When he hears a compliment that he doesn’t hear often, he will appreciate it more. It will make him remember you every time he picks up the instruments of his talent—whether it’s about music or any other passion. It will surely put a smile on his face.

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Compliment how he makes you feel. Knowing how he makes you feel will encourage him to put even more effort to make you feel happy and loved. You can try compliments such as “I can’t help but smile around you,” or “You make me feel beautiful and appreciated,” will surely inspire him.

Giving out this kind of compliment will push him to become sweeter without him even noticing.

Compliment his efforts and a job well done. When a man puts in the effort to work on something, he will appreciate it if you validate a job well done. Compliments such as “You did a great job,” or “It’s amazing how hard you work,” are compliments that show him that he must be doing something right and that you appreciate it.

Acknowledging a job well done will motivate your partner to work even harder.

Compliment how he is in your relationship. Any man wants validation, especially when he’s a good partner. Compliments such as “I love how you listen and respect me,” or “You always know exactly what to say,” will make him secure about your relationship— hat he’s enough, and you’re not looking for another man.

This will make him even more inspired to treat you even better.

Compliment how much you believe in him. Men like it when women believe in what they can do. Compliments as simple as “I believe in you,” will surely melt his heart.

When you say these, he will get encouraged to do better to achieve even better results.

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Compliment his style. A man’s style is not given to him—it’s his choice what to wear, how his hair should look, etc. He would appreciate it if you notice. Compliments such as “I love your outfit,” or “(colour) looks good on you, you should wear it more often,” are safe but meaningful.

Chances are, after receiving a compliment about his style, he would put in more effort to look good on dates, and be mindful on how he presents himself.

Compliment his looks. We know we said to look beyond the surface, but sometimes, men still appreciate if women acknowledge their good looks, especially when they put in the effort to look good for you. 

“You are so handsome,” or “You got a great smile,” or “Your new haircut suits you!” can easily be said, which is why you should be careful not to sound sarcastic.

If you really mean what you say, complimenting his looks will surely make him feel great.

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Tip # 2: Practice sincerity at its best

The core of every compliment is sincerity. If you don’t mean what you say, it won’t come out right from your mouth. Believe us; he will sense the insincerity and falseness of your fake compliment. And he might take it the wrong way—like you’re just flattering him to get something in return. 

If you’re overthinking about the compliment, don’t. It is still better that you give on-the-surface praise if you want to than not giving any compliment at all.

Tip # 3: Find the right moment to deliver the compliment

Besides sincerity, another thing that’s very important when giving out compliments is timing. Find the time to deliver your praise at a time when your man can appreciate it. 

Don’t give it out when he’s busy and concentrating on something, when he’s stressed out working on a project, or in the middle of an argument. If you do, he wouldn’t be able to find the value of your compliment. 

So, find the opportunity to give a compliment when he’s ready to appreciate what you’re saying to him. Quiet time at home, or maybe in the middle of a romantic date would be perfect.

Tip # 4: Make eye contact and smile

Making eye contact is a physical way to show your sincerity. It also amplifies the moment of your compliment delivery. 

End your compliment with a smile, to make the moment even better and full of love. Your smile would surely make your man or the guy you like to smile even bigger after hearing your compliment.

Why not hit two birds with one stone and use the compliment as a way of starting the conversation? If you pay a stranger a compliment off the bat, he might take it the wrong way and think that you want something from him. Try going for "Where did you get that shirt? I love it," as opposed to, "I love your shirt." This makes the conversation flow smoother and more natural. Plus, your interest can be a clear indicator that you are being genuine.


There is an art to complimenting. If you want your compliment to leave an impression, you have to make it stick. 

To do so, you have to dig deeper than what can be complimented on the surface. Make it original, but most important of all, make it sincere. Compliments are very powerful that they can influence a man’s feelings and actions. Mastering the art of it will surely not just make your man happier, but you as well. Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
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