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Our Review

HePays is a special social network site that welcomes people with different tastes when it comes to dating and relationships but mainly caters to sugar daddy and sugar baby arrangements. Aside from providing dating space to sugar babies and sugar daddies, HePays welcomes in its platform other relationship types such as findoms, casual, fling, affair, lesbian, gay, and of course, those who are after a serious partner.

The site claims that its features are made to help eliminate common problem experienced by women who are receiving way too many messages by fake people who have unclear intentions. To back it up, they implement a credit system used as currency inside the site. It works by deducting credit for every premium service a member uses such as messaging. As HePays put it, "You can find people with money on HePays who are not cheap."

Aside from being a dating site, it wants to be known as a social discovery site where you can find a friend and have fun with other people through its features. 

Are these claims true? Is this site worth checking out or is it just like any other online dating platform that scams the money out of you? We took a closer look at HePays for you! Read on below to find out.

HePays Member Structure

2,000 from Hong Kong
Members activity
1,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
56 %
44 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Sugar babies and daddies dominate the site membership
  • Has a lot of findom and paypig members
  • Female members are actively using messaging features
  • There are gays and lesbians on the site

Heterosexual relationships dominate the site, but there are a lot of people who are interested in pursuing either Gays only or Lesbians only relationship based on their profile information. Basically, you can only create an account as a man or a woman, but the site has the option to choose either you are looking to date a gay or a lesbian.

The number of female members is slightly higher than males, and this is apparent in forums and inbox activity right after registration. Expect to receive messages from women right after registration.


HePays Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at HePays

hepays register
  • Registration is fast and easy
  • Has a lot of relationship options to choose from
  • No verification process is required during registration
  • You can add more information to your profile after registration
  • Uploading a main photo during registration is not required

Creating an account with HePays is a straightforward process. The first thing it's going to ask from you is the type of relationship you are looking for. You can choose one among these:

  • Findom / Paypig - if you seek a financially submissive relationship;
  • Seeking Love - for a serious relationship;
  • Arrangement or Sugar - for sugar daddy/baby relationship;
  • Casual/Fling/Affaire - for no-strings-attached relationships;
  • Camgirls - if you seek Camgirls;
  • Only Gays - if you seek a Gay relationship;
  • Only Lesbians - if you seek a Lesbian relationship; and,
  • Doms and Subs - for dominant, submissive, or switch sexual relationship.

Other required information includes gender and email address only. Although it does not ask for a proof of age or birthday, you must be 18 years old and above to create an account with them. There is no verification process required during registration but you can do this later to boost your profile confidence.

Making Contact on HePays

hepays rich contacting
  • Females are active in conversations
  • The forums page is a popular feature
  • Contacting through linked apps like Skype and Kik is allowed
  • Most communication features are free

    There are a lot of communication features to choose from if you want to connect with people on HePays. Another thing is that HePays lets you decide how much it would cost for others to send you a message. You set the amount on your profile page under the "Minimum to Write" section. Most people keep the minimum amount to 0 so the site is still fairly-usable despite having a free account.

    Here are other free communication features that you can use:

    • Forums - these pages are really popular because some members use it to advertise themselves
    • Write Blog - you can write your own blog on a unique URL provided by HePays
    • Classifieds - give this board a shot if you are looking for something

    You can put your personal contact details such as Skype and Kik username on your profile if you want. For other people to unlock them, they need to pay using their credits. Money transfer details are also listed on the profile is verified by HePays.

    HePays Profile Quality

    hepays female
    • There are some fake profiles but they are easily detected
    • There are two types of verification available: Photo and Government ID
    • You can add more information to your profile after registration
    • The profiles are quite detailed
    • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

    HePays has few required steps during registration compared to other dating sites, but the member profiles are full of information in them. Not imposing so many restrictions may have helped a lot in ensuring that profiles remain juicy with minimal supervisions.

    For instance, you can write about your personal contact details for free, and everyone can see this information even if they don't have credits on their account yet. There is a safety drawback to sharing your personal contact details, but this also reflects the member's eagerness to connect to with others in real life rather.

    Identity Verification

    Members who have verified accounts receive a higher volume of interactions. There are two types of verification process that you can choose to do after registration. It is not required but you can voluntarily:

    • Photo verification - where you need to upload a photo with your face and a paper writing your profile number
    • Profile Verification - where you need to upload a government ID photo showing your face and the government ID in the same photo

    HePays' profile information rules make it a lot easier for members to arrange dates and meet-ups offline without paying. However, keep in mind that other members will not easily communicate with you unless your account looks trustworthy. Of course, you will have to work on your own profile.

    HePays App

    hepays app
    • HePays app is only available for Android users
    • HePays app for iOS is a work in progress
    • iOS users can access the mobile version on their devices
    • Download the app for free on the site
    • Features and functions are similar on the app and site

    There is a HePays app for Android devices, but you can only get the installer through the site. This means that you will not find it on Google Play. Rather, you need to visit HePays and download it directly from the site. There is a detailed instruction on how you can install the app to your device.

    As of the moment, HePays app is not available to iOS users. As a workaround, you can visit the mobile version using your iOS device's browser.

    The features and functions are similar on the desktop version and the app. Some prefer the app because they can flirt on the go, but since the site has so many features, using it on the desktop is considered convenient for others.

    HePays Real Life Review

    I went to HePays as recommended by my roommate. She said she met a guy here who lets here splurge on herself because that made him happy. I like that this site is not like the other sugar baby sites that only give arrangements for you, you can also do something else here and actually have fun while looking for you sugar daddy. I've had a few lunch outs with some people I met here. It's been fun so far. I highly recommend this site. - Judy, 22, Waitress

    Design and Usability

    HePays may look like there's a lot of things going on because of the multiple tabs, but the site is quite easy to navigate. There are 8 main tabs where all functions are categorised:

    • Mail - where all your communications are sorted;
    • Visits - where all your profile visits are listed;
    • Online - to see the list of online members;
    • $Rich - to see the list of members who have the highest credits on their account;
    • Q&A - to ask and answer questions from members;
    • Forum - to start and join in discussions;
    • Earnings - where your site earnings are listed; and,
    • Account - where you can set your account settings and preferences.

    HePays Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Create an Account
    • Message members with no dollar minimums
    • Rank high on search results
    • Join forums
    • Post Classified Ads
    Fee-Based Services
    • Rank in the $Rich List
    • Message members with no dollar minimums
    • Upvote or downvote members
    • See all private photos of members
    • Get a dollar badge on your profile

    Is HePays expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers HePays is low-priced.

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    Paying Member
    15 Credits1.00 USD / Credit15.00 USD
    Comfortable Earner
    25 Credits1.00 USD / Credit25.00 USD
    Earning Well
    50 Credits1.00 USD / Credit50.00 USD
    Rich + VIP
    100 Credits1.00 USD / Credit100.00 USD
    Super Rich + VIP
    150 Credits1.00 USD / Credit150.00 USD
    hepays credits
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    • Bitcoin

    Should your credit not show up immediately, you may try another payment option. Sometimes some payment providers block a transaction in their security system. Totally bulletproof is Bitcoin as the site always accept Bitcoin without any problems.

    5 different ways to load your account with credits:

    • Zombaio - credit cards such as Visa/Mastercard/Amex etc.
    • PaymentWall - various options like credit cards, bank transfer, gift cards, mobile payments etc.
    • Bitcoin - buy Bitcoin fast (with Paypal, Credit Cards, Gift Cards etc.) on CoinMama or PaxFul or Coinbase or Changely, then come back to HePays to load your account
    • KIN Cryptocurrency (supports Paypal) - download Simple Transfer for Android and purchase KIN there using Google Pay with PayPal
    • Transfer HePays earnings to credits if you made some earnings

    All VIPs get the following benefits:

    • Unlimited messaging to members
    • Loading over USD50 you get featured on the rich list
    • Get listed first in the members online
    • Members who have more than USD1 credit cannot be downvoted
    • Links in profile clickable
    • Upvote and downvote members
    • Unlimited photo uploads
    • Get an option to stop receiving all email notifications
    • Access "Top Secret" photos
    • You get a dollar badge
    • Your forum posts are shown in the VIP box on the active users' page

    Special Features

    HePays has a lot of features and services to get your dating game on. Take a look at these features:


    Send a message to as many members as you like at once. Great for fast dates or start chats fast.

    Near Me

    Search for members near your location. You can even customise your preferred distance.


    Post a message that everyone can see. Videos, images, GIF animations, and YouTube links are supported.


    Show all HePays rich members by going to this page. It will show you the list of premium and verified members.


    Use this feature to get a random profile that is compatible to you. The recommendations change each time you click it.


    The VIP is a public forum where everyone can read, but only premium members can post and join in discussions. The forum topics are usually sexually-charged, so reading them is a fun and mostly erotic experience.


    You can post questions here about the site for free. You may also answer some of the past questions posted on this page.

    Earn Writing

    If you write a blog post or article on your own website or make a video on YouTube telling your readers about HePays, you will get money from the site subject to rules.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 4.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 4.5 / 5
    App: 3.5 / 5
    Real Life Review: 4.5 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion

    DatingsScout.hk Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of Online Dating for Dummies
    Many people are delighted to join HePays because of its many features. In addition, the site is still usable communication because most of its features are free. Members also decide how much it's going to cost other people to message them, and most of the time they leave it at 0 so messages just keep coming. Personal contact details are not banned so sugar daddies and sugar babies are in for some dating experience here. For these reasons, it might be worth checking HePays out.

    HePays FAQ


    What is the refund policy of HePays?

    By loading your account with credits you agree to not receive a refund as the service has already been activated for you.

    Will HePays show if I am a premium member?

    Everybody can see if you are a premium member. You are listed first and you can write to more people than free members.

    What are HePays credits for?

    With credits you buy you also support HePays to develop more features.

    Is HePays going to use my photos?

    HePays may sometimes use uploaded photos for promotional purposes as stated in their Terms and Conditions page.


    Is there a rule on sending message to HePays members?

    If your credits are above a person's minimum, then you will be able to send messages to them.

    How does the HePays voting system work?

    When you downvote someone they get -1 point on their profile. This lowers their chance of appearing on the popular profiles list.

    How does the HePays upvoting work?

    When you try to upvote someone, they will get as many points as how many weeks you have been with HePays. That means if they have been member for 3 weeks you get 3 points.


    Is HePays free?

    When you set the minimum to $0 everyone can write you but be aware that it might get you messages that you don't really want. The point of HePays is to limit those messages to those who have a certain amount loaded on their account.

    Can I withdraw my money from HePays?

    You get your credit balance when you load your account. This is used solely for HePays.

    What is the difference between "Credits" and "Earnings" on HePays?

    Credits work like credits for messaging and using the site
    Then there are earnings. Earnings are for referring members to HePays. They are two separate things. You cannot withdraw credits.


    What is message minimum limit on HePays?

    The minimum ensures that no one can contact you unless they have a certain amount of credits on their account.


    Who is the site for?

    HePays is basically for everyone who wants a date with someone or who is looking for someone rich.

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